The English Language

Few days ago, I encountered a group of students making fond of their local teacher by mimicking his accent.  So I asked, what’s wrong?   And they told me, “it’s because their teacher doesn’t have an American accent”.  How absurd, when they can’t even express their ideas articulately in English?

The English language has a lot of variance, especially the accent.  In North America alone has different accents and dialects, like the Americans in Texas have a different accent compared to the Americans in New York or Alabama.  There are even a lot of slang words in the US that can’t even be understood and inappropriate to be used in a formal setting.  So, which among the diverse accents can universally be the standard for communication?

This colonial mentality served as a barrier to achieve freedom and has been the reason to degrade other people and even oneself.  It’s not a valid reason to be cruel to others because they don’t speak or dress up like the Jonas Brothers or Kate Winslet.   Living in an urban city doesn’t mean that you are greater from those who live in the rural areas, nor it doesn’t mean that your accent from a high class society matters and can make you a better person.

How sad that there are people who are particular with the accent instead of the content or thought?

How sad that there are people degrading others and even oneself because of this colonial mentality?

How sad that there are people who have gone wicked just to conform with the high class society?

How shallow can these people be?


Relax and have fun watching this video.

Warning:  Some of the accents were exaggerated and can be offensive.



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