Implanted chip ‘allows blind people to detect objects’

Implanted chip ‘allows blind people to detect objects’

What do the ancient & future people have in common?  Both can live longer for more than a century.  I can already foresee the merging of robotics and anatomy just like in sci-fi films.


The Age of Androids and Photonics

Nurse Robot Cheerfully Smiles, Ensures Years of Nightmares

The nurse robot is an inspiring development in the field of robotics.  It can be useful to monitor the patients, but human intervention will still be required.  Nothing can still be compared from a real nurse, not even an android.

This article reminds me when I worked in a university 5 years ago, the robotic’s club from Elementary to  High School with the help of the Engineering students, made robotics fun and exciting with the use Lego Mindstorms.  Robotics has become the focus in Asia and I admire how they innovate products so fast just to meet the demands of a highly competitive world.

What’s your biggest technology problem right now?

What’s your biggest technology problem right now?

Technology updates so fast where your hardware has to meet the requirements of the software needed.

Innovation should attain the following: productivity, efficiency & practicality.   However, the more it attains productivity & efficiency, the more difficult it is to attain practicality.

The technology problem nowadays is more of an effect of the emotional & psychological problems of the vicious people. Here are some of the dangerous people online:

  1. Disgruntled Employees – Employees are assets in companies for they provide services.  Investing on facilities is useless if its people are not skillful, motivated or worst disgruntled.   The WWW (World Wide Web) is a form of media that can easily make you famous, but the catch is, it can easily destroy you.  Disgruntled employees will find means to get even which can lead to putting the company in a dark light using the opportunities that the WWW can bring.
  2. Jealous & Envious People – This type of people would find ways to get their target’s accounts.  That’s why it’s better not to trust anyone whom you don’t know well enough with your online accounts.
  3. Psycho – It’s better to be careful on what to publish online.  Don’t reveal yourself too much publicly and set the profile privately.  Meeting this type of people could use your information against you so it’s better to use screen names online.

Here are the dangerous software that these type of people could use:

  1. Spyware – is computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to collect information about a user, their computer or browsing habits without the user’s informed consent.
  2. Keylogger – a software that can store keystrokes.

How to secure profiles and accounts:

  1. As much as possible, avoid using a public PC.  If so, make sure to clear the history and saved passwords.  Check for the programs running using the task manager, if the “image name” is strange, search for it, “end process” if it’s malicious.
  2. Update the anti-spyware as often as possible, don’t let the spyware be more updated than your anti-spyware.
  3. Use a combination of characters for your password.
  4. Make sure to secure all your accounts in any social network websites privately.
  5. Don’t use all your personal details online which can be viewed publicly.

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