To Each His Own

Each one of us is unique.
Each one has its own strength and weaknesses.
Each one has its own preferences.
Each one has its own destiny.
Each one has the right to live and be happy.

June is to month to take pride of our individuality,
Not just for the LGBT but for the uniqueness of oneself and everybody else.
For whatever religion, race, nationality, color, gender, disability,
We are still human beings of this planet,
Beings that are not even a dot on this earth, nor dust in the universe.

For at the state of emergency, state of calamity, state of war,
We have no choice but to unite, to live, and survive;
We have no choice but to be involved to rebuild lives, community, and nation together;
We have no choice but to accept, and respect, the individuality of one another;
We have no choice but to live with the different people around us.

For we don’t live alone, nor can survive alone.
We all need each other.
We all need to be together.
We all need the help of one another.
We all need understanding, acceptance, respect and love.


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A Letter from Sam

It was past midnight, as he read his last letter on his table, tears were flowing on his eyes, holding a gun pointed on his head, as memories flash back to the time how his group burned a group of teenage black men, stabbed an Asian tourist and bullied his Latino classmates.

In the town of Kansas, a blue eyed, blonde, white man named Sam was raised by politically influential Caucasian parents in a community dominated by white supremacists where he grew up as one of the most influential leaders of the white supremacist group.

At the peak of Sam’s career, his parents revealed to him that he was just adopted from an orphanage before they died.  For several years, Sam searched for his biological parents and found out that he was not pure Caucasian but with mixed blood (Caucasian, African, Asian, Latino).

Today, Sam’s children are circulating the letter of their father:

To my family and friends,

I was fortunate to be raised by supportive parents and to live in an environment of people who adore, respect and trust me which made me become a confident leader.  All the while I thought I was powerful, well accomplished and truly successful but I failed.

Whoever read this letter, please tell my real family (Caucasian, African, Asian, Latino) how I sincerely apologize for all my evil deeds.  What I have done to all of you are unacceptable, totally wicked.  I was weak to let myself be controlled by the demons around me.

Please tell everyone to stop all the hatred and start to love one another for we are all one.

Sincerely yours,



DISCLAIMER:  This fictional story of Sam that I’ve written is intended to remind us that we belong to one species, that all life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism, from our universal common ancestor and created by our one and only creator.



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1.        Because of him, I learned to respect different religions.

2.        Because of him, I learned the value of education.

3.        Because of him, I learned to be open minded.

4.        Because of him, I learned to be goal oriented.

5.        Because of him, I learned that cooking is an art.

6.        Because of him, I learned to swim to survive.

7.        Because of him, I learned different sports.

8.        Because of him, I learned the importance of sportsmanship.

9.        Because of him, I learned to value friendship.

10.    Because of him, I learned that life is temporary.


These teachings have contributed to my being because of him.

Today, I celebrate the birthday of the man that I will always honor, the father that I adore.

Though death made us apart, but his love will always be in my heart.


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In Memory of Nera

In Memory of Nera

2005 – 2012


Cats’ worst attacker;  

Dogs’ envied contender;

Bandits’ dangerous encounter;

But her master’s loyal follower.

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Ruins by Marither

Roaring. Trembling. Lightning. Thunder.

Shivering. Shuddering. Bursting out of anger.

Calm down. Now you look  dumb.


Provoking.  Evoking. It’s getting darker.

Aggression has gone further.

Now we need a moderator.

To solve this problem with a magic wand.


Hear me now.  Can somebody solve this now…

Tell me now.  Can somebody solve this now…



Will somebody help me. Help me.

I’m drowning in the midst of despair.

Will somebody help me.  Help me.

I’m lost in the middle of nowhere.

Will somebody help me. Help me . Help me…….


Longing.  Craving. In deep hunger.

Searching. Planning to make it better.

Hankering. Yearning for something that’s no longer there.


Quivering.  Shaking. I need a doctor.

Searching for a mighty healer.

Just to  make these wounds be numb.


Heal me now… Will somebody please heal me now.

Heal me now…Will somebody heal me now….



Staking. Risking. Hints from hunters.

Sparking. Prompting. Reflect and ponder.

Hold on, I sense something is in danger.

Think again, it’s time to plumb.


Guide me now. Will somebody show me how.

Just teach me how.  I’ll listen just tell me now.





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