To my friends and visitors from different parts of the globe specially from:

Bosnia, Guatemala, Guam, El Salvador, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Nigeria, Jamaica, Burundi, Ecuador, Finland, Poland, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Jordan, Panama, Cambodia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Estonia, Malta, Nicaragua, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, Romania, Bangladesh, Portugal, Columbia, China, Iceland, Vietnam, Lebanon, Italy, Israel, Belgium, Qatar, Turkey, Switzerland, South Africa, Bahamas, Chile, Hong Kong, Argentina, New Zealand, Pakistan, Australia, France, Sweden,  Japan, Netherlands, Spain, KSA, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Canada, Philippines, Egypt and the US:

Thank you so much for your warm appreciation & sincere comments. 

If I may not be able to reply to your email or my chat widget here on my website.  I may just be bombarded with emails & messages or it just filtered to SPAM.  Kindly send it again and please don’t forget to indicate your name and email address if you are going to  send a message through my chat widget so I can try to reply to you as soon as possible.

It will be much better if you could fill in the form so I can contact you.

For those who will send messages via chat widget @

and @

Please don’t forget to indicate your name by clicking on the “edit nickname:“, then type your name before sending a message.   Please don’t forget to send your email as well.  The image below will show you where to type your name.

Thank you.  Your message is valuable to me.   :-)

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