An earthquake on the 4th of July?


This morning around 10, I thought I had severe dizziness, everything was shaking, I almost got panic attack thinking there could be something wrong with my health that I need to call 911, until I realized that it was really an earthquake.

An earthquake on the 4th of July?  On the day that we celebrate and commemorate the US declaration of independence from the Great Britain?  Could it be a wake up call to remind us to do something?  Is it because the earth would also like independence from us humans who are destroying her?  Is it to remind us that something has to change in the system that is not aligned with the declaration of independence?   Is it to remind us that there is more powerful force that could change the world in an instant?   Is it to remind us that life is too short, if you want to do something, do it now, repent, forgive, enjoy life and be happy?  Is it to remind us to get ready for the big change that is about to happen?

What do you think? Click and vote.  Share your thoughts.  Thank you.




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Is the K12 program worth the Php150 billion investment?

A compilation of 7 short video clips on The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2011 for the Implementation of the K12 Program and previous researches and articles on school bureaucracy.  The videos were made for the  Public Administration class and not for political purpose.

The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2011 Part 1/7

Task Force for the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2011 Part 2/7

Why is there so much school bureaucracy? Part3/7

Brief History on Public Education in the Philippines Part 4/7

Is Philippine education being governed properly? Part 5/7

Why does Philippine Education Perform Poorly? Part 6/7

Finale & Reflection on the K12 Program Part 7/7

Can the K12 program lead to global competitiveness or will it just add burden to the parents and students?  Is the K12 program worth the P150 billion investment or will it be better to use it to solve the current problems in public schools and feed the people below poverty line?  What’s the use of the highly paid consultants and expensive infrastructure if students are malnourished and stressed due to work?
The problem in the country is poverty, especially in rural and depressed areas, even if the country is newly industrialized as of 2011.   People in poverty would prefer to feed their stomach first than their brain, where schooling is just an option because they have to work at an early age to help the family where they prefer to survive and live before they would get the luxury of going to school, because these people consider education as luxury than a necessity.  Not unless the government will provide trainings to the parents and sponsorship to the children.
I think it would be better to simply retain the same number of years, redesign the curriculum and continuously train the teachers so that all the essential facts would be covered, necessary skills would be developed and healthy environment would be attained.


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If you are one of the legislators, will you oppose or support SOPA?

The battle between Lamar S. Smith’s SOPA H.R. 3261 & the internet sites is like the battle between Microsoft and Open Source.  It’s like a continuous debate on security vs. accessibility.

Before, open source has been a threat to Microsoft: “Everyone in the Linux world remembers Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s famous comment that Linux is a “cancer” that threatened Microsoft’s intellectual property.”1 “ In 2010 Microsoft is trying hard not to be public enemy No. 1 to open source proponents, in some cases by making key contributions to open source code and in other cases by making Microsoft products interoperable with open source software.”1

If this war has been solved thru interoperability, I hope that the legislators will try to find means to solve this issue without compromising the freedom of the users to use the necessary sites that will allow them to broaden their horizon as they confidently share their knowledge with others.

Internet nowadays is part of the society.  A draconian way of shutting down the internet for few days will provoke the people to unite and take radical step that could lead to unrest just like what happened last January 28, 2011 in Egypt.


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What’s the greatest challenge facing humanity today?

Regarding the question: What’s the greatest challenge facing humanity today? 

I think aside from religion,  mores, poverty, it’s philistinism that has not only been the greatest challenge facing humanity but has made a major impact in the society.


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What is the most effective way to promote the Climate Reality Project for its launching on Sept.14?

With regards to the idea of Al Gore by asking  the climate reality supporters to “donate” their Twitter and Facebook accounts for 24 hours, I’m not comfortable with it, because it could compromise the accounts of the supporters which could eventually lead to phising identity theft issues.   Therefore, its supporters should be aware of the repercussions before disclosing such information and accounts.

Moreover, there are other ways to effectively promote its launching other than exploitation of social networking like: using the media, institutions, civic organizations & government agencies. I’m an advocate of the project.  Check it out and get updates @ .  I hope that every citizen would support the project without divulging personal information and accounts.


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Types of Grading System


Hi guys.  I’m working on a  Registration & Grading System (DBMS).

Kindly send me the name of the school  in the Philippines where you came from or studying, or the school where you worked or working  and the type of grading system used in the report card  (letter grade-A,B,C,  number grade-1,2,3, percentage-100%, 50%) in the Elementary & Secondary/High School level.

Example:  Brent International School – Letter Grade

Thank you.


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Can Atheism make the world better by tearing down religious irrationality?

RE:   How Atheism Can Make the World Better By Tearing Down Religious Irrationality  By Amanda Marcotte

Posting this poll question doesn’t mean that I’m an Atheist, nor against any religions.  I just want to know your insights about religious irrationalities encountered that results to prejudices and social injustices.  Peace!  🙂


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