Weeds by Marither

Once upon a time, the weeds dominated the forest and all the animals were happy.  But the humans destroyed the forest for a building and the animals were forced to leave.  The animals have nowhere to go, so they were slaughtered and the weeds were replaced by cement.

One sunny morning, the beautiful flowers in the garden were surprised to see the growing weeds.

Weeds: “Wow!  This place has changed.  We are so excited to meet you all.”

Orchids: “Good thing you are far away from me.  Poor roses to be surrounded by ugly weeds.”

Tulips:  ” They don’t belong here!  They are destroying our image.”

Sunflowers: “They are useless and should be pulled out from the garden right away!”

Roses: “Wish the gardener could do something about it”

Weeds:  “We are not useless!  In fact, the animals love us.    We also have the right, for we are also plants like you.”

Orchids: “Excuse us, we are not plants.  We are flowers, and take note, not just flowers, but beautiful flowers that the humans adore.”

Weeds: “And what do they get from you?  Nothing!  You just please the eyes, you don’t nourish the body and soul.”

Roses: “Who cares?  At least, we are respected and treated well, unlike you.”

Tulips: “You should all go back to the forest where you belong.”

Weeds:  “You are all right, we don’t belong in this beautiful garden surrounded by wickedness. ”

And the gardener felt their plea, and pulled out the weeds immediately.


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