When Toxic People Rule

Regarding the article by Ken Keis on “Just Say No to Toxic People”,  it’s inevitable to be with toxic people, worst when you’ll be obliged to be with them.  Staying with them will defeat the purpose, yet avoiding them will lead you to a more serious trouble.    How can you be positive when you’re surrounded by pessimists, which will only lead you to danger if you insist on what you believe in is right, for they rule? How can you fight for what you believe in is right when the negative ideas of the majority will win?

Whether we like it or not, we are living in the real world, where toxic people can be powerful and influential and we have no choice but to obey and abide with them which eventually can mold us to be like them.  Each one of us has good and bad sides, each one of us has positive and negative energies, each one of us can be a pest and a pesticide,  each one of us can feel the light of the day and the darkness of  night, each one of us has toxicity within us that can be hidden or shown.


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