Weeds by Marither

Once upon a time, the weeds dominated the forest and all the animals were happy.  But the humans destroyed the forest for a building and the animals were forced to leave.  The animals have nowhere to go, so they were slaughtered and the weeds were replaced by cement.

One sunny morning, the beautiful flowers in the garden were surprised to see the growing weeds.

Weeds: “Wow!  This place has changed.  We are so excited to meet you all.”

Orchids: “Good thing you are far away from me.  Poor roses to be surrounded by ugly weeds.”

Tulips:  ” They don’t belong here!  They are destroying our image.”

Sunflowers: “They are useless and should be pulled out from the garden right away!”

Roses: “Wish the gardener could do something about it”

Weeds:  “We are not useless!  In fact, the animals love us.    We also have the right, for we are also plants like you.”

Orchids: “Excuse us, we are not plants.  We are flowers, and take note, not just flowers, but beautiful flowers that the humans adore.”

Weeds: “And what do they get from you?  Nothing!  You just please the eyes, you don’t nourish the body and soul.”

Roses: “Who cares?  At least, we are respected and treated well, unlike you.”

Tulips: “You should all go back to the forest where you belong.”

Weeds:  “You are all right, we don’t belong in this beautiful garden surrounded by wickedness. ”

And the gardener felt their plea, and pulled out the weeds immediately.


Atheris by Marither

Once there was an eagle’s egg that fell from the tree and rolled down in the cave until it reaches the nest of the snakes.  When the mother snake saw it, she buried it with her eggs.  When the father snake noticed the egg, he asked: “Where did that egg come from?”  She answered: “It was a lost egg, so we have to take good care of it.”

The time had come, the eggs started to crack and the whole family was excited to see.  The first egg cracked and it was a female brown hatchling, they called her Phily.

The second egg cracked and it was a female black hatchling and they called her Indi.

The third egg cracked and it was a female yellow hatchling and they called her Taipan.

There was a moment of silence, when the last egg cracked.  They were surprised when they saw feathers instead of scales.  The mother snake told the whole family that it’s a special hatchling so everyone called her Atheris.   The whole family had hesitations but they don’t have a choice but to accept Atheris.

After few months, Atheris became a loner because nobody wanted to play with her for she’s different from the rest of the snakes.  She has feathers instead of scales, she walks while the rest crawl.   She don’t know how to use her wings because she taught that she should crawl.  She felt that she’s the ugliest creature of all, because Phily, Indi and Taipan attract other snakes, while no one would even want to go near her.  They’ve become the most powerful in the cave while she became left behind.

So one day, she tried to take off all her feathers just for her to feel that she belongs.  But she ended up hurting herself because of the wounds from pulling the feathers by force.  Whenever she cries at night, her mother snake never get tired of telling her: “You are a special snake that’s why you shouldn’t feel bad because you are beautiful”.

Few months had passed, Atheris joined the “Amazing Crawling Race”, but ended up hurting herself for trying to crawl just to win the race, but she failed.  Out of depression, she went out of the cave crying.  She was surprised to see eagles like her flying in the sky.  She couldn’t understand what’s happening.  A flock of eagles saw her.  An eagle called her: “What are you waiting for?  Why aren’t you using your wings and fly?”  Atheris told them: “But I can’t.  I don’t know how. I look like you but I am not like you”.  The eagles laughed.  An eagle told her: “What are you talking about?  You are an eagle like us. Just use what you have.  Use your wings and fly”.

She was confused.  Atheris told her mother about the eagles she saw.  Her mother knew that the right time will come and told her the truth.  Her mother told her: “I love you and will always be my daughter but you have to go and leave the cave before it’s too late.  Fly high my child for you belong in the sky”.   Atheris was happy to know the truth and told her mother snake: “You will always be my mother.  I will always honor you for the love you’ve shown me even I’m different ”.  She went out of the cave and obeyed her mother.

Few years after, Atheris went back to the cave to visit her mother.  As expected, Taipan and Indi were busy monopolizing the cave,  while Phily was hibernating.  Atheris finally saw her mother, but  in deep sorrow.    Atheris told her mother how beautiful the world outside the cave and convinced her mother to come with her.  But her mother refused for she is getting weaker and weaker each day.  Atheris told Taipain, Indi and Phily that they have to save their mother for she’s dying, but the 3 just ignored her as they’ve been busy with their own agenda.    Atheris wanted to stay but her mother told her to leave the cave or she’ll be in great danger.    Atheris can’t take what’s happening so she took the risk of taking her mother out of the cave and no one even bothered.

Atheris flew out of the cave by holding  her mother.   A flock of eagles saw them and an eagle told Atheris: “What are you doing with an enemy? Get rid of  it!”  But Atheris just ignored them and kept on flying.   “Look how big and beautiful the world outside mother!   It has a lot of caves.  It has different creatures.  It has different colors.”  Atheris said enthusiastically.   Her mother took her last breath and smiled.  Atheris hugged her mother tightly and said, “farewell my dear mother, your kindness will be cherished forever”.

Mollusca by Marither

People have been searching the outer space for aliens,  they didn’t know that they are part of this earth.  They are the creatures from what they call the “Bermuda Triangle/Devil’s Triangle”  or those creatures from the deepest ocean.

With an amphibian face,  crustacean claws,  marine mammal body and human brain.  These creatures have evolved like humans.  They are the highest form of animals in the ocean, like the humans of the land. They are the Gods, the most powerful and have the full control over the sea creatures.  Though they have enough strength to build a nation underwater, they fear of being discovered and destroyed by humans that made them become cruel enough to submerge anything that passes through their kingdom.  This had lead to mysterious disappearance of air crafts and ships.  They continuously study on how they can preserve their nation and invade the land since they have foreseen the cruelty of humans once they have discovered that they exist.

While the humans have been idle and have taken their research on Bermuda triangle for granted,  Mollusca, the head of the sea nation, a highly intelligent underwater creature  discovered the vast energy of the triangle.  For him, “The land may be populated by humans, but they are vain and contented with beauty, money & power.”

From the people that they have captured, Mollusca was able to discover that humans continuously grow physically.   Their brains are small but powerful.  However, most of their brains stagnate.  …….. TO BE CONTINUED

Raucous by Marither

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Once there was a town of worms living underground.  One of them was Raucous, he is smart, hyperactive but stubborn.  Their Muggy place has a boundary on top, and nobody attempted to go beyond the border because all the worms were scared, for they were told by the elders that it is the “Danger Zone”.

Raucous was so curious to find out what’s up there.  So he did.  He found out that there were sharp objects when his body part was cut.  All the worms were so worried about him. They were all sad because Raucous lost his body part.  But after few days he rejuvenated.  But Raucous was still curious and stubborn.  When he had his body part back, he climbed up again, until he reached the “Danger Zone”.

After that, Raucous wasn’t able to return back home to the Muggy place, because when he reached the top of the soil, a boy stepped on him.



  1. raucous – disorderly, boisterous-lack discipline
  2. muggy – humid, warm, moist
  3. rejuvenated – regenerate, restore to an original/new condition

PORTIA by Marither

Long time ago in the Animalia Kingdom, Latrona and Dectusia were known to be the great old widow spiders in the Arach community.  Their spiderlings were kept in their kingdom and would try to leave the kingdom or migrate anywhere just to be free from their wicked mothers who would control them as they get older.  They were trained to weave silk that provided shelters to other spiders and traps for prey.  Though they have poor eyesight and depend on vibrations, they were famous for weaving strong silk.  Even if Latrona and Dectusia were the most dangerous and hideous creatures, they were valued because they were the rich, powerful and famous.

Latrona and Dectusia took advantage of their power to control the whole kingdom. They were not contented with the power and prestige, they were even greedy and selfish to destroy innocent and friendly spiders and insects that would get into their kingdom, until the time that their economy crashed and they experienced starvation.

The two widowed spiders knew about Portia who live in a small web but with abundant food which was far away from the kingdom.  They ordered the spiders to bring her to their kingdom to seek help from her.  Portia is an intelligent with excellent vision.  They offered her to be the heir to the throne just to save their starving kingdom.  Though Portia was trained to be evil by her wicked black widowed mother as she felt it runs through her veins, she was confused in becoming one of them when she met and was attracted to a small spider named Phin from a place called the UV Web as he offered her gifts of food always.

Phin was a threat to Latrona and Dectusia so they called all the female spiders to destroy Phin.  They didn’t know that Phin and the other male spiders that the widows destroyed were the only hope in saving the kingdom and not Portia.  When Portia knew about it, she sought help from her friendly insects to hide Phin as they run away from the kingdom.

Portia obeyed Latrona and Dectusia as she persevered and succeeded to be the next ruler of the kingdom.  Though she was trained to be evil, her loving heart for Phin controlled her to be good.  She was loved by the Arach community as she has shown great leadership with respect for others.  After several years, Latrona and Dectusia were too weak and dying.

Portia told Latrona, Dectusia and the whole Arach community that her secret for having abundant food was not to destroy the male spiders nor the friendly insects, but to help them as they help the kingdom to survive from starvation.  Latrona and Dectusia apologized for what they have done as they blessed Portia to be the next ruler of the kingdom.  Phin came back for her as he guided her to rule the kingdom with love and honor.

MORAL LESSONS:  Follow your loving heart and not your wicked thoughts. Good leadership involves respect and care for others. Perseverance is required to achieve a certain goal.  Don’t let other people rule your life, but live to the fullest with love and honor.

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