Ruins by Marither

Roaring. Trembling. Lightning. Thunder.

Shivering. Shuddering. Bursting out of anger.

Calm down. Now you look  dumb.


Provoking.  Evoking. It’s getting darker.

Aggression has gone further.

Now we need a moderator.

To solve this problem with a magic wand.


Hear me now.  Can somebody solve this now…

Tell me now.  Can somebody solve this now…



Will somebody help me. Help me.

I’m drowning in the midst of despair.

Will somebody help me.  Help me.

I’m lost in the middle of nowhere.

Will somebody help me. Help me . Help me…….


Longing.  Craving. In deep hunger.

Searching. Planning to make it better.

Hankering. Yearning for something that’s no longer there.


Quivering.  Shaking. I need a doctor.

Searching for a mighty healer.

Just to  make these wounds be numb.


Heal me now… Will somebody please heal me now.

Heal me now…Will somebody heal me now….



Staking. Risking. Hints from hunters.

Sparking. Prompting. Reflect and ponder.

Hold on, I sense something is in danger.

Think again, it’s time to plumb.


Guide me now. Will somebody show me how.

Just teach me how.  I’ll listen just tell me now.



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