Boracay, The City of Pleasure

The first time I went to Boracay was during the 90’s with my sisters and cousins.   I commute with my sisters and male cousins.  The only public transportation available to go to Aklan from my mom’s province in Panay, Roxas City/Capiz was jeep.  We were with the few locals and Japanese tourist on the jeep.  It was a bumpy ride,  like having a sand storm because of the dust from the road.  I wished that the road would be developed.    While we were covering our face from the dust, the Japanese was enjoying the sandy storm which was quite freaky.

After hours of travel, we arrived in Aklan and took a boat to the Boracay island.  The sand was luminous whenever you step on it and it was magnificent at night.  The only famous party place was Bazura where there were only few guests.

Boracay was known to be the virgin island because of  its green mountains, powdery white sand, clear water where you can even see your feet and the fish that surround you, few cottages, only few areas have electricity, there were only few motorcycles which was the only transportation, and Club Panoly was the only hotel that you have to take the hotel’s private van to go to Bazura where the party is at night. I can’t forget the swing from the twin coconut trees facing the beach near Bazura, where  you can see  foreigners comfortable to go topless during their sun bathing because there were only few people around.  Fresh air, fresh food, fresh and clean water. It was truly a paradise.

Since we have a big family  and there were only few restaurants available and most were open in the afternoon and at night,  my cousins used to go to the market and cook our own food which was more practical, safe and healthy.

Year after year, I was amazed to see developments of the roads,  expansion of electricity, more markets, more restaurants, more bars, more cottages, more hotels, more tourists, more parties and more water activities.  But the catch are as follows: you can no longer enjoy swimming with a lot of fish near the shore, mountains were replaced by buildings,  instead of the native/locals earning from it, the capitalists and foreigners are now gaining much more from it.   I started to get worried of the drainage system, pollution in all areas (water, land & air), capitalism and exploitation.    I just wished for a development of the rocky and bumpy road but it seems a lot heard it and turned the virgin island to a city of pleasure.

It could have been better if it was preserved as a well managed National Park, maintaining its natural beauty and enriching the culture. Imagine if the government has full control of this and the money goes straight to the  preservation of  all the national parks, healthcare insurance for everyone, senior citizen and children?

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