Mollusca by Marither

People have been searching the outer space for aliens,  they didn’t know that they are part of this earth.  They are the creatures from what they call the “Bermuda Triangle/Devil’s Triangle”  or those creatures from the deepest ocean.

With an amphibian face,  crustacean claws,  marine mammal body and human brain.  These creatures have evolved like humans.  They are the highest form of animals in the ocean, like the humans of the land. They are the Gods, the most powerful and have the full control over the sea creatures.  Though they have enough strength to build a nation underwater, they fear of being discovered and destroyed by humans that made them become cruel enough to submerge anything that passes through their kingdom.  This had lead to mysterious disappearance of air crafts and ships.  They continuously study on how they can preserve their nation and invade the land since they have foreseen the cruelty of humans once they have discovered that they exist.

While the humans have been idle and have taken their research on Bermuda triangle for granted,  Mollusca, the head of the sea nation, a highly intelligent underwater creature  discovered the vast energy of the triangle.  For him, “The land may be populated by humans, but they are vain and contented with beauty, money & power.”

From the people that they have captured, Mollusca was able to discover that humans continuously grow physically.   Their brains are small but powerful.  However, most of their brains stagnate.  …….. TO BE CONTINUED


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