Pres Trump and First Lady were Tested Positive for COVID19!

Today, Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania were tested positive of COVID19 or Coronavirus. For those who are still mocking and downplaying the virus, especially to my friends and relatives who are avid supporters of Pres. Trump, it’s time to realize that COVID19 is real. Despite all the mocking and downplaying of the president that have put the people at risk, especially my relatives and friends who love him, I feel sad and sorry for them. I will still pray for their recovery and their family. Please wear mask in public and follow the CDC guidelines, even if your leaders does not want you to, for your protection and family’s protection.


Clark, Dartunorro, Jackson, Hallie and Helsel, Phil. “Trump, first lady test positive for Covid-19”. NBC UNIVERSAL. Oct. 1, 2020.


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