World Teachers’ Day

“UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) & EI (Education International) launched a public awareness campaign to highlight the contributions of the teaching profession.”

Being a teacher is a noble profession that starts from the passion in the field of Education.  Everyone can teach, but only few can teach effectively.  Therefore, being an effective teacher can’t be achieved overnight, for it takes enough training in the field of Education  and years of experience dealing with different types of students.   It is a continuous learning experience, where there’s no room to be complacent.

Education is interdependent with Psychology, because honing the mind is crucial, especially the “absorbent mind” from childhood to adolescent stage.  Teaching without knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the students could be useless and even dangerous. Physical wounds can be healed in a certain span of time thru medicine, but Psychological wounds could dangerously harm the whole person for a lifetime. Therefore, each “domain of learning (cognitive, affective & psychomotor)” should be developed and considered for a well balanced individual.

Each one of us is a teacher.  For each one of us has something to share and teach, by any means, in any forms. So to each one of us, enjoy the World Teacher’s Day and teaching, not only today but everyday. 🙂

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“Literacy heals poverty.”

A  community without educating its people is like a community of savage people or barbarians.

Education is a necessity.  Therefore, it should be well funded by the government, and not just depend on non-profit organizations to solve the problem.  I wonder how the government officials can relax in their luxury cars and sleep in their first class beds  knowing that their people are suffering from illiteracy and starvation.

“Literacy heals poverty.”  Providing literacy programs in depressed areas can minimize illiteracy and crime rate, which can help people survive from and eradicate poverty.

Tweeting another inspiring story that could enlighten the government, especially in developing countries.

Pushcart Classrooms for Poor

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True Richness: A Personal Viewpoint

The misconception of this general word has been misused and specified for the term based on  philistinism.   Richness is not just based on material wealth for it teaches us to be shallow and narrow minded.

Spiritual wealth, knowledge and good health should be imbibed for these are the essential ingredients to attain true happiness and success.    Spiritual richness means having “peace of mind which is priceless” while “knowledge and good health will never abandon you”.  Physical/material is tangible, unlike peace of mind and knowledge, which are intangible. That’s why we tend to appreciate what is tangible more than the intangible.

Peace of mind can only be attained thru meditation and the goodness within by not entertaining any negative thoughts for negative thoughts produce evil words and actions.   That’s why it takes courage to be optimistic but it’s a choice, therefore, it can be attained.

Knowledge will help you achieve goodness, good health and material wealth.  That’s why EDUCATION is a good investment.  The more knowledge you invest, the more you can achieve, the more you can share.

GOOD HEALTH gives you strength to attain dreams and goals. Our body, our environment and every creature we see are gifts from God.  Therefore, it should be taken care of.   Humans, as the highest form of animal have great responsibility towards God’s creations, given more power and intelligence above all the creatures should be used to protect other creations.  Our physical body is a gift.  Therefore, good health should be maintained, it’s like taking care of the gift given by someone we love for it has a sentimental value.

We are surrounded by tangibility that’s why it’s inevitable to be preoccupied with material desire that would result to misconception about the true meaning of richness in life.

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