Sacramento Unified Goes to the Philippines for Its Teachers

“Raise your hand if you think that the United States can match the performance of the countries with the world’s highest student performance by outsourcing its teaching to lower wage countries. If your hand is still down, then raise it if you think that the United States can even maintain its mediocre position in the world’s league table of student academic performance if it were to hire more and more of its teachers from the Philippines or countries like it. Your hand is still down? If it is, then we need to have an honest conversation about what it would take to develop and hire teachers with skills comparable to those found everywhere in the top-performing countries. We need to have a conversation about how we develop and retain those teachers instead of contracting that effort out to the lowest international bidder.”  These are the questions from the article of Marc Tucker last July27, 2017 entitled:  Migrant Labor: Sacramento Unified Goes to the Philippines for Its Teachers,

In a globalizing world, outsourcing is inevitable.  Just take a look at your stuff at home, and they are not all made in the US.  Call a hotline or book a flight, and a representative from the Philippines, India or other countries will answer your call.  It’s not just about importation, but exportation and immigrant workers made the US economically stable.   With the exponential growth and advancement of technology, we can no longer control getting diversified.  We have no choice but to accept the changes, adapt and survive to the fast changing world.

The US has been outsourcing teachers from the Philippines since 2004.   Despite the challenges that the Filipinos encountered in the US, they are patient, determined and have proven their professionalism and their quality of work. They just need to be properly deployed in a safe and healthy environment and they’ll be great assets.  That’s why Sacramento Unified will  continue to outsource in the Philippines.  That’s why a lot of employers hire them.  That’s why Filipino dedicated workers deserve equal rights and respect.

The education system in the US is the same as the Philippines because of the Thomasites.  Just check out the books of the major subjects in the Philippines and they are all in English to the point that some students could hardly translate it in their native tongue.  The difference is just the culture, accent and idioms, but with English refresher courses, Filipinos can easily adapt to the language and culture.

In the US, Filipinos are not just professional teachers, they are professional nurses, caregivers, nannies, housekeepers, doctors, lawyers, engineers,  corporate executives, entrepreneurs and artists.   The influx of Filipinos  in the US is inevitable, same as the influx of British, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Armenians and other nationalities trying to live and survive in the new world  that made America a great nation known to mankind.

Php 43 billion needed to add 2 years in basic education

Regarding the Php 43 billion needed to add 2 years in basic education, the education system in public schools especially in the third world countries has been a problem for years.  Adding 2 more years in basic education is not the solution to the problem but it would make the problem worst. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  1. Corruption is rampant, and the citizens are no longer confident that the money really goes to the people.
  2. If there’s a problem of producing graduates, then by adding 2 more years will lengthen the burden of the parents especially to those who are expecting for their children to graduate early to get a job and help them financially.  The curriculum developers of the country could brainstorm and create comprehensive curricula and schedule to meet the international standard.  Subject integration is essential to master the required and pertinent information as it saves time & effort.
  3. The 43 billion can be very useful to improve the education system of the country and solve the pending issues and problems like: classroom shortage, low wage for teachers, lack of resources, lack of training for teachers & staff, lack of concern in serving healthy and clean food to students and staff in the canteen, lack of concern in improving the facilities and maintaining the cleanliness & orderliness in the classrooms and the whole school to make it more conducive for learning.

The government officials have the power to earn more, so no need to take the budget allocated for the country for personal purposes. They have the power to organize groups and social networks to create more funds. They have the power to use the elite groups to help the less fortunate. They have the power to use the human resources to work for the country.  They have the power to control over the natural resources and the power to represent the country as ambassadors to connect to the world to market the country’s products and seek for sponsors and investors for a more productive and profitable country.

Public Schools for Politicians


Published last  July 31, 2007

If there are 13.25 million students in the elementary, 1.43 million students in high school,   42,722 public schools in the country, with 16,390 teachers and 6,406 classrooms,  how many students are there in a classroom?

Obviously, there are no enough classrooms for the students.  No wonder we see them on TV having their classes outside the classroom or under the trees.  This shows how poor the education system is in the country.

In my personal viewpoint, it will be better if there will be a law enforcing the politicians to send their children & grandchildren to public schools.  Instead of spending too much for an international school and sending them to France just to learn how to speak French, better spend their money in public schools here in the country.  For sure if that will happen, comfort rooms will always be clean, classrooms will always be conducive for learning, teachers will be trained to be more effective & efficient, there will be enough resources to provide the best quality of education not only for their kids, but for the unfortunate Filipino kids as well.

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