A Glimpse in Egypt for Tourists

Egypt, the land of pharaohs and slaves.  The land of great leaders and followers.  Its rich history with full of mystery and captivating monuments were magnificent.

Its Cities

Alexandria, the port city with lots of tourist spots like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina which was once the biggest library in the world, monuments like the Qaitbey Fort, or the Citadel of Qaitbey where you can see the awesome view of Alexandria and the Mediterranean sea, Kom el Shokafa Catacombs – the Roman burial grounds, Roman Amphitheater, Pompey’s Pillar, museums like the Greaco-Roman & the National.  The city is just about 2-3 hour express train travel away from Cairo.  Expect for the traffic not only in Alexandria but also in Cairo, especially during rush hours.

If you have low travel budget, you can enjoy your stay in Cairo and visit the Pyramids of Giza and a lot of monuments and museums, the Nile River, Khan Khalili –  for authentic Egyptian crafts, souvenirs and other products, and City Stars in Heliopolis to see the modern trading in Egypt.  For tourists, take the white, with black and white checkered  metered taxi cabs.

If you have more budget, go to Aswan and Luxor for more monuments, the famous Mt.Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Siwa & Bahariya.

The People

There are two types of people: the conservative – where you’ll feel like you are living in an ancient time, the men look like the the apostles, while women are well covered.  Some will even stare at you whenever you wear sexy clothes. The modernized and fashionable women use Spanish style instead of niqab, some are liberated and stunningly sexy where you can see in major cities in Egypt.  Most have mixed blood, but dominated by Persian, Indian, African and Caucasian.

Food and Beverages

Since it’s being dominated by Muslims, it’s an advantage.  For you’ll be encouraged not to eat pork, which is one of the hosts of tapeworms.  An alternative to pork lovers would be the  Kofta, Middle Eastern and South Asian meatball or meatloaf, grilled beef or chicken, and patties.

Its people enjoy the gift of the Nile, having abundant agricultural resources like strawberries, grapes and bananas for only 4-6 LE per kilo during its season.

Egyptian products are cheap like: Chipsy, which produces chips like Lays type, Doritos and Cheetos; Juhayna – for yogurts, milk and juices which is at par with Cowhead;  Sweeter Coca-Cola sodas.  Bread and white cheese are the basic food which are cheap.

Restaurants & Fast Food

Farahat is known for its Hamam Mahshi (braised pigeons w/ crushed wheat stuffing).  El Shabrawy fast food for shawarma, Tameya (broad bean patties) and other burgers.  There are lots of pastry, chocolate, ice cream and cake shops like Twinky’s, Tsepas and Sale Sucre.  Fast food like Mc Donald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut are a lot in major cities.  Egyptian, Italian, Turkish and American restaurants are a lot because it’s more in demand than Japanese, Chinese and other Asian restaurants.

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