Sample Graduation Script

Preparation, organization and collaboration are the keys for a successful event.  Based from the gathered data, I made an outline to guide the host for a smooth flow of the program.

Take note of the following:

  • There should always be program guidelines and script to be used in any events for a clear transition;
  • There should be appropriate adjectives prepared in introducing the speakers.

For the speakers & hosts:

  • Establish eye contact with the audience as often as possible;
  • Voice should be well modulated (not squeaky, low or loud);
  • Be optimistic and smile from the heart. =)

May this script be helpful enough.

Prelude & Processional Music



  • Good morning everyone, I’m (NAME), the (POSITION & DEPARTMENT), I’ll be your host for today.
  • I’m delighted to be here to our 2009-2010 ­­Commencement Exercise.
  • We expect the Commencement Exercise to last  approximately 2 hours.
  • Before we begin this ceremony, let me remind you to turn your cell phones to silent mode and be courteous to those around you by refraining from talking aloud.
  • During the presentation of graduates, we encourage you to express your pride by applauding and cheering, but the use of air horns is expressly forbidden.
  • Joining me today is (NAME OF CO-HOST), (POSITION & DEPARTMENT)


  • Thank you, (NAME OF CO-HOST), it’s an honor to be here to this dignified and special event, the high point of the academic year.
  • Because, today we celebrate the accomplishments and academic achievements of our students.
  • Therefore, as mentioned, courtesy, attention, and decorum are important and expected.


National Anthem

  • Now, let’s all stand for the National Anthem to be led by our beautiful and talented Music teacher, (NAME).
  • Thank you (NAME).



  • Let’s remain standing for the Invocation.  To be led by (NAME).
  • That was heartwarming (NAME), thank you.


Opening Remarks

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct privilege to introduce to you our honorable (POSITION), (NAME) for the Opening Remarks.
  • Thank you (POSITION). Now, (NAME OF CO-HOST), do the honor to introduce our next unbeatable speaker.


Inspirational Talk

  • I am pleased to introduce (NAME), our unbeatable  School Superintendent, for the inspirational talk.
  • Now, may we call on our dearly beloved (NAME), our School Principal.


Special Awards

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered today to celebrate the achievements of a group of exceptionally talented individuals. May we call on (NAMES) on stage for the awarding of certificates, and (NAME) to call on the teachers who will call on the names of our truly exceptional students.


Slide Show

  • Before we present the diplomas of the graduates, please relax and enjoy the slide show presentation by our creative and lovely (NAME).
  • On screen, you’ll see the different activities and events that your child had experienced in school which surely are memorable for them.


Presentation of Certificates & Diplomas

  • I now invite back on stage, (NAMES) for the awarding of certificates and diplomas for the Kindergarten, and (NAME) to call on the names of the Kindergarten graduates of 2009-2010.
  • This concludes the awarding of certificates for the Kindergarten Graduates.
  • It’s now my pleasure to turn the podium over to (NAME) to call on the names of our Grade 6 Graduates.
  • This concludes the awarding of certificates for the Grade 6 Graduates.
  • It’s now my pleasure to turn the podium over to (NAME) for the presentation of certificates and diplomas for the Grade 9 Graduates.



  • May I call on (NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE) to lead their fellow graduates in reciting the Graduate Pledge.

Fellow graduates, please read the graduate pledge on screen and repeat after me.

Let us make the pledge together with sincerity and respect:


Special Number

  • Congratulations to our Graduates of Batch 2009-2010!We are all proud of you!
  • During the talent show, we have discovered a talented student and I am proud to present a good role model for our Kindergarten and other students in the field of Music, our very own (NAME).


Graduation Song

  • Let’s all sit back and enjoy as we watch the Kindergarten students perform to sing (TITLE OF THE SONG).


Closing Remarks

  • May we call on (NAME), our (POSITION) for our closing remarks.

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