Yuletide 2012 in the Philippines

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Photos taken December 2012 in the Philippines.

Yuletide is a term used as a 12 day festival, or a period from December 24 to January 6.

It has been seen in a traditional manner since it originated in Northern Europe which was then absorbed by the Christians to celebrate Christ’s birth.  For years, it has been correlated with White Christmas.

I want the people from the northern part of the world to see that the Yuletide Season or Christmas Season is not just White Christmas, thus:

  • It has a variety of colors like the parrots;
  • It is tropical like the landscape;
  • It is filled with big dreams of having a Rolls-Royce;
  • It has Rolls-Royce and could be colorful but in solitude;
  • It has the sparkling Christmas tree;
  • It has angels everywhere and they are in gold;
  • It has the Trading Post but only open for business;
  • It brings out ingenuity like the colorful bottled lanterns;
  • It has wine that energizes the spirit;
  • It has cookies to satisfy the senses and desires;
  • But more than anything else, there is the light, that enlightens us to appreciate its significance, especially in the dark night.

It would be great to know the symbols that represent Yuletide in other countries and cultures.


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