Lego Museum

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While searching for pictures, I found out these old pictures which will somehow be helpful for the next field trip, to the Lego Museum.

Last October 2010, out of disappointment for not being allowed to take pictures in the National Museum, me and my sister just walked around and took pictures outside the museum.  What a blessing in disguise when we found out a hidden Lego Museum just beside the National Museum.  And it was for free to take pictures inside.  There was an area for kids where they can play with Lego blocks and build objects.  Kids will surely enjoy learning there.

It seemed that the museum has been supported by Lego.  I just hope that there will also be Lego Mindstorm exhibit and eventually have a competition which will surely be fascinating not only to kids but to adults as well.   Lego Mindstorm has been used productively in Asia for 7 years.  Isn’t it a good marketing strategy for Lego Mindstorm to sponsor an exhibit in the Lego Museum?  I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.



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Oh Cairo!  Oh Cairo!

Why do I love thee even if others curse thee?

How could you easily capture the hearts of those even from Cree?

Oh tell me!  How can I flee,

If my heart belongs to thee?

How I wish that others could see,

The beauty that lies beneath thee.

For our  memories shall be with me,

Until eternity.

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