What happened to the New Philippines?

In 2016, I made suggestions for the New Philippines from my previous post.  However, the priority of the government has been infrastructure, technology and military rather than education, healthcare and agriculture.


As I mentioned on my post 8 years ago about the K12 Program, the improvement of education should focus on cost effective programs for teachers and students, and not to add burden by adding more billion dollar infrastructure projects.

It is a must for everyone to learn how to survive alone by: doing household chores; learning to plant and cook your own food from scratch; learning to do first aid; learning to troubleshoot basic glitches; learning to build your own house from scratch using adobe or tree house; learning to sew your own clothes; learning to operate machines and vehicles.  I think these essential skills should be in the curricula.

Moreover, I think that every citizen who lives in an archipelago and in flood prone countries should learn how to swim.  Due to climate change, Ecology should be taught in all levels in K12 as major subject and not just part of Science.


When I was in Egypt 11 years ago, I was amazed of the affordable pharmaceutical products.  I also love the Imtenan health shop where you can buy different flavors of honey and tea.  I was thinking  that I will be able to experience the same in the Philippines.  With the pandemic crisis, I still hope that the government in developing countries will improve the healthcare system by:

  1. Conducting further studies on herbal and food medicine that could fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  I still believe that there’s an herbal medicine that needs to be discovered;
  2. Providing cost effective health and wellness programs;
  3. Subsidizing the local pharmaceutical products or remove its taxes.
  4. Providing quality healthcare for all.


The influx of people living in the city has caused pollution and population explosion.   Despite the abundance of natural resources, I can’t understand the trade deficit.  Why import produce from other countries instead of strengthening the local produce?
Why farmers in the rural areas were striving to send their children to school, so their children can work in the city?

I think the government should support and promote the farmers and entrepreneurs in the rural areas, strengthen the agricultural industry by providing cost effective programs for the farmers and the country.

Mother earth provided us with all the food and medicine we need on earth, we just need to discover, plant, propagate and nurture.


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