“Literacy heals poverty.”

A  community without educating its people is like a community of savage people or barbarians.

Education is a necessity.  Therefore, it should be well funded by the government, and not just depend on non-profit organizations to solve the problem.  I wonder how the government officials can relax in their luxury cars and sleep in their first class beds  knowing that their people are suffering from illiteracy and starvation.

“Literacy heals poverty.”  Providing literacy programs in depressed areas can minimize illiteracy and crime rate, which can help people survive from and eradicate poverty.

Tweeting another inspiring story that could enlighten the government, especially in developing countries.

Pushcart Classrooms for Poor

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Sample Graduation Script

Preparation, organization and collaboration are the keys for a successful event.  Based from the gathered data, I made an outline to guide the host for a smooth flow of the program.

Take note of the following:

  • There should always be program guidelines and script to be used in any events for a clear transition;
  • There should be appropriate adjectives prepared in introducing the speakers.

For the speakers & hosts:

  • Establish eye contact with the audience as often as possible;
  • Voice should be well modulated (not squeaky, low or loud);
  • Be optimistic and smile from the heart. =)

May this script be helpful enough.

Prelude & Processional Music



  • Good morning everyone, I’m (NAME), the (POSITION & DEPARTMENT), I’ll be your host for today.
  • I’m delighted to be here to our 2009-2010 ­­Commencement Exercise.
  • We expect the Commencement Exercise to last  approximately 2 hours.
  • Before we begin this ceremony, let me remind you to turn your cell phones to silent mode and be courteous to those around you by refraining from talking aloud.
  • During the presentation of graduates, we encourage you to express your pride by applauding and cheering, but the use of air horns is expressly forbidden.
  • Joining me today is (NAME OF CO-HOST), (POSITION & DEPARTMENT)


  • Thank you, (NAME OF CO-HOST), it’s an honor to be here to this dignified and special event, the high point of the academic year.
  • Because, today we celebrate the accomplishments and academic achievements of our students.
  • Therefore, as mentioned, courtesy, attention, and decorum are important and expected.


National Anthem

  • Now, let’s all stand for the National Anthem to be led by our beautiful and talented Music teacher, (NAME).
  • Thank you (NAME).



  • Let’s remain standing for the Invocation.  To be led by (NAME).
  • That was heartwarming (NAME), thank you.


Opening Remarks

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my distinct privilege to introduce to you our honorable (POSITION), (NAME) for the Opening Remarks.
  • Thank you (POSITION). Now, (NAME OF CO-HOST), do the honor to introduce our next unbeatable speaker.


Inspirational Talk

  • I am pleased to introduce (NAME), our unbeatable  School Superintendent, for the inspirational talk.
  • Now, may we call on our dearly beloved (NAME), our School Principal.


Special Awards

  • Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered today to celebrate the achievements of a group of exceptionally talented individuals. May we call on (NAMES) on stage for the awarding of certificates, and (NAME) to call on the teachers who will call on the names of our truly exceptional students.


Slide Show

  • Before we present the diplomas of the graduates, please relax and enjoy the slide show presentation by our creative and lovely (NAME).
  • On screen, you’ll see the different activities and events that your child had experienced in school which surely are memorable for them.


Presentation of Certificates & Diplomas

  • I now invite back on stage, (NAMES) for the awarding of certificates and diplomas for the Kindergarten, and (NAME) to call on the names of the Kindergarten graduates of 2009-2010.
  • This concludes the awarding of certificates for the Kindergarten Graduates.
  • It’s now my pleasure to turn the podium over to (NAME) to call on the names of our Grade 6 Graduates.
  • This concludes the awarding of certificates for the Grade 6 Graduates.
  • It’s now my pleasure to turn the podium over to (NAME) for the presentation of certificates and diplomas for the Grade 9 Graduates.



  • May I call on (NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE) to lead their fellow graduates in reciting the Graduate Pledge.

Fellow graduates, please read the graduate pledge on screen and repeat after me.

Let us make the pledge together with sincerity and respect:


Special Number

  • Congratulations to our Graduates of Batch 2009-2010! We are all proud of you!

  • During the talent show, we have discovered a talented student and I am proud to present a good role model for our Kindergarten and other students in the field of Music, our very own (NAME). 


Graduation Song

  • Let’s all sit back and enjoy as we watch the Kindergarten students perform to sing (TITLE OF THE SONG).


Closing Remarks

  • May we call on (NAME), our (POSITION) for our closing remarks.

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AGILA by Marither

In the Animalia Kingdom, Agila was born on a crevice with  other chicks of Morphnus and Harpia. They have the most amazing nest that was ever built that other birds look up to.

The chicks were trained to master the art of flying as they were thrown out of the nest. Agila had developed hatred towards her parents as she had lots of injuries from the training. She couldn’t understand the reason behind the torture of the training as her anger made her become defiant and stubborn.

For Morphnus & Harpia, as parents, they thought that their chicks would just understand as they get older and that providing them with an amazing nest and food are enough. They didn’t know that their chicks need to feel their love and care as they learn to fly and not just throw them out of the nest. They were rough and authoritative toward their chicks that  lead to injuries and  trauma. For the parents, physical strength is enough to survive, but they are not aware that the affective side of their chicks is more important.

After several months, Agila learned to fly and  soared high as she left her family. She met Jefferyi who mastered the art of picking the twigs from Agila. They have a lot in common. They both love to eat fresh preys and the storm.  Jefferyi  wanted to meet Agila’s parents, But Agila was firm of her decision of not going back home.

When they reached 40, they pluck out every feather on their body until they were completely bare. They stayed far away on the rocks as they have grown new feathers, then she realized that Jefferyi was right. She went back home with Jefferyi, she realized that her parents love her, she wanted to tell them how much she loves them and would like to apologize for what she has done, but it was too late, because they died while looking for her.

MORAL LESSONS: We are like eagles, as what Dr. Myles Monroe has stated on her 7 Principles of an Eagle: 1. Birds of a feather flock together. 2. No matter the obstacle, the eagle will not move his focus from the prey until he grabs it. 3. Steer clear of outdated and old information. Do your research well always. 4. We can use the storms of our lives (obstacles, trouble, etc) to rise to greater heights. Achievers relish challenges and use them profitably. 5. Whether in private life or in business, one should test commitment of people intended for partnership. 6. The people who love us do not let us languish in sloth but push us hard to grow and prosper. Even in their seemingly bad actions they have good intentions for us. 7. We occasionally need to shed off old habits & items that burden us without adding to our lives…




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What bills will I make and persuade if I’m a lobbyist?

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First published last February 24, 2009


The Philippines is very rich in Human and Natural Resources. Problem is, there are lots of hands, but they just use it to ask for alms. There are lots of brains, but they prefer to fill their empty stomach first. There are lots of hearts, but became numb.

If only the government will use their power and the resources wisely, then, they could somehow contribute for the improvement of the economic status of our country.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but based on my resources, a councilor has a budget of 20 million for his/her projects.  If these counselors have that big budget, what more to those in higher ranks?  It’s quite disappointing whenever they have projects like feeding program, porridge program, slippers program, or the like.  Those programs can already be done by the private sectors or other organizations.  Instead of spending millions for these type of programs, why can’t they just organize a certain long term program that will be beneficial to the majority and to the economic state of the country, like: having shelter foundations in certain areas near the public schools, so the kids can be sent to school and be of help to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of their environment.

With this, beggars will be lessened, streets will be safe, clean and in order. For the shelter foundation, the homeless would be trained to improve their creative and technical skills like: plumbing, repair, cooking, cleaning, clerical, agriculture, etc. Once they are equipped with the skills for 2-3 years, they can already work in any government agencies, provided that the government would provide them for sustainable living and support for the improvement of the shelter foundations. In this way,  they could improve the shelter foundations, provide food, basic necessities and education to those who are really needy and deserving.

Help the people to be stable and independent not to be the burden and parasites of the community. Don’t just feed them, educate them and give them jobs that will be beneficial  for both ends (for the people and the government) for a total educational, fruitful and humane society. For education eradicates poverty.

On RA9262: To protect women and children, and to abolish beggars and vendors along the streets. Girls should not be allowed to ask for alms along the streets nor sell sampaguitas at night. Once caught, they should be brought to any shelter foundations supported by the government.

The government should sponsor their education in public schools and trainings to develop their skills, so they could use it to improve themselves and contribute to the society, provided that they will work for the government (like clerical, accounting, agricultural, janitorial services, etc.) for certain number of years like 2-4 years until they become fully stable and equipped with the skills to survive on their own. Women are delicate and dangerous to be on the streets especially at night. I even saw a lot of pretty girls asking for alms and selling sampaguitas very late at night.

If only I have the power and resources, I would take them with me because giving them money would just tolerate them to stay the same. It really hurts to see how they are destroying themselves, tolerating men and opportunists to harass them. It will be inevitable for them to get harassed, raped or even be forced to prostitution and slavery.

The best way to protect women and children is to prevent them from being with unworthy men and opportunists, who would use and abuse these women and children for slavery and prostitution or any forced labor that would destroy their future.

For the politicians, I will make a bill that would enforce every politician to take the following courses before they run for a certain position, like:  Public Administration, Urban Planning, Jurisprudence and Total Quality Management.   Just like an applicant in an organization, an applicant can only be qualified based on educational background and work experiences.   Once hired, continuous training to improve the employees’ knowledge, skills and self-esteem are provided by the organization.

Therefore, every politician should be well educated or at least be equipped with the essential knowledge that would help achieve his/her platforms that would be beneficial not only to improve the present economic status but also for the benefit of the future generation, including the preservation and improvement of the flora and fauna.

Why do politicians need to take the following courses?

  1. Public Administration – To create and implement clear and justifiable policies that would be beneficial to every living creature in the community.
  2. Urban Planning – To carefully plan and construct infrastructure and establishments without compromising the health  and economic welfare of every resident.
  3. Jurisprudence – To know the law and use it to protect the rights of every citizen in their jurisdiction and not to protect themselves from their wicked intentions.
  4. Total Quality Management – To know the total quality standards, to learn its implementation in different organizations, to use the right standard appropriate to the people concern and to implement successfully according to time frame.


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Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

This theory may lack empirical evidence based from the critics. Thus, the theory & the MI assessment test are still useful for educators, for them to know their students intelligences and understand their weak points. Though it would be hard to design lessons & curriculum for each student based on the the test results, but it can be a better idea if they could group the students based on the results of the test through sectioning.

Ex. Section A will have all the students that are Logically Intelligent, Section B – Musically Intelligent, Section C – People Smart, Section D – Self Smart, etc.




Theory_of_multiple_intelligences assessment test:


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Educational Resources for Kids

I would like to store and share some of my compilation of useful educational links for kids that I’ve used.  For sure your kids & students would also enjoy it.

You can’t control kids to love games.  Therefore, they shouldn’t be deprived of playing games, but should serve as a challenge for us adults to continuously research/study/find & create/develop educational games, activities, clips suited to the needs of the kids. With the advent of the internet, anything that we want to know is just a click away.  Now, it just depends on our innate creativity on how we can motivate the kids to learn the necessary information that they need to make learning more fun & exciting.

How I wish I have enough resources & power to make a lot more interesting, educational sites for kids in different languages that will be beneficial to all the kids around the globe.  For sure few years from now, there will be abundant resources and the problem will be how to evaluate resources online to assure that the resources available are suited to the learning needs of the students.


1. http://www.brainpop.com/ – Simplified lessons for kids through clips.  Parents should be educators and should help them simplify lessons that are vague and confusing.  Before, all the clips were free, but now, I’m sorry to tell that it already has subscription fee.  Since they work hard to provide quality clips, it’s their prerogative and they deserve to earn from it.

2. http://www.jumpstart.com/ – My students & son love the songs & games on their CDs

3. http://www.enchantedlearning.com & http://www.allfreecrafts.com – Interesting, simple & easy arts & crafts for kids

4. http://www.thinkingfountain.orghttp://www.miamisci.org – Interesting science experiments.

5. http://www.howstuffworks.com/ – Interesting articles on how stuff works.  Quite boring for kids but very useful for educators/parents so they can explain how stuff works clearly.


1. http://funschool.kaboose.com/

2. http://www.funbrain.com/

3. http://www.playkidsgames.com/

4. http://www.coolmath.com/

5. http://math-and-reading-help-for-kids.org

6. http://www.games.kidsbuilder.com

7. http://www.epa.gov

8. http://www.dltk-teach.com/

9. http://www.cyberkids.com/fg/

10. http://nationalzoo.si.edu

11. http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

12. http://www.mightybook.com




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Public Schools for Politicians



Published last  July 31, 2007


If there are 13.25 million students in the elementary, 1.43 million students in high school,   42,722 public schools in the country, with 16,390 teachers and 6,406 classrooms,  how many students are there in a classroom?

Obviously, there are no enough classrooms for the students.  No wonder we see them on TV having their classes outside the classroom or under the trees.  This shows how poor the government education system is in the country.

In my personal viewpoint, it will be better if there will be a law enforcing the politicians to send their children & grandchildren to public schools.  Instead of spending too much for an international school and sending them to France just to learn how to speak French, better spend their money in public schools here in the country.  For sure if that will happen, comfort rooms will always be clean, classrooms will always be conducive for learning, teachers will be trained to be more effective & efficient, there will be enough resources to provide the best quality of education not only for their kids but for the unfortunate Filipino kids as well.

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