When Education No Longer Matters

A while ago, I encountered a protest from students who wanted to shorten their class period from 2:00 to 1:00.  These teens have not been recovered from the uprising by exaggerating minor issues just to practice the freedom of speech.

How disappointing to know that after all the natural calamities in Australia, New Zealand and in Japan.  As well as the unrest in Arab countries, there are people who could not appreciate the blessings that they have.  Instead they would complain for staying longer in school.

While the orphans are dreaming of being in school, there are kids protesting for staying longer in school.  While the parents are enduring the pain for working longer hours just to save money to send their kids in school, there are kids who are taking their lessons for granted.  While there are people dying from sickness & disasters, there are kids who think that studying is killing them.  While there are kids collecting trash and suffering from slavery just to survive, there are kids who prefer to be idled than to learn in school.

Since education is intangible, some people can’t appreciate the value of it.  Instead, they prefer having signature clothes, the latest gadgets or anything that is tangible.  That’s why it’s hard to inculcate knowledge to students, especially if tangible materials matter more than anything else.


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Schools in the Technological Era

Even during the ancient time, it was the skill that matters than paper/certification.  Especially nowadays, where technically skilled are in demand even without certifications as long as the job gets done.    Meeting the deadline is the most important than anything else in the IT industry.  The development stage is crucial.  To attain success is to make sure that the people involved are skilled.   The brains are becoming slaves to successfully implement a project.

The brain is powerful that it can concretize, colonize and conquer.  It has become the most essential investment to mankind that has shaped the earth according to their dreams.  That’s why schools are becoming highly competitive and globally accessible.

But what will happen to the education system in the technological era?  Will it be powerful enough to control the future of mankind or will it be abolished that it will no longer matter since the skills will matter more than certifications?

Educational Multimedia Resources for Kids

Compilation of Multimedia Resources for Toddlers







Compilation of Multimedia Resources for Science

(These multimedia resources from Jump Start were effectively been used to elementary students last year.

Have fun learning!)







(The following multimedia resources from Brainpop were effectively used 7 years ago from elementary to high school students, the time when there was no subscription  and there were only few movies available.  Good thing some movies were uploaded in YouTube where I could share easily to my friends and family.

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Multimedia Resources for Elementary Economics


Commonwealth Bank


Earning Money

Interest Rate

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Educational Multimedia Resources

Few years ago, paper and pen were used for visual resource materials. But now, a vast amount of multimedia resources are available online and they are for free in YouTube, Vimeo, etc.    With the advent of the internet, everything becomes easily available with just a click away.    Learning becomes  interesting, accessible and practical.

Years ago, educators spent time and effort creating visual materials.  But now, they just have to be good evaluators to choose what online multimedia resources will suit to the learning needs of their students.

There are a lot of  factors to consider to assure that a multimedia resource material available online is an effective tool for learning.  The best way to evaluate is to create and use assessment tools to assure that the multimedia resources available online are  appropriate, accurate, reliable and suited to the learners.

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