Digital Drugs

The Digital Drug is a good alternative solution for dangerous drug users. Since it’s hard to convince users to stay away from drugs, then it’s better to let them try the digital drugs.

In this simple way, we can help the drug users/substance abusers rehabilitate themselves as they get high on digital drugs.  Though it may not be effective to some, but at least trying this alternative solution for abusers, means a lot.  Just the fact that they are willing to try it, means they are willing to rehabilitate themselves for a better life, and that’s a good start.

If it could only be innovated and be more effective to be more convincing, then it would be much better.  More study in neuroscience, psychology, technology & chemistry to produce a better product like this will be impressive.  Another good alternative would be a psychotherapy through Virtual Healing for the Real World.

Are you willing to compromise privacy over security or vice versa?

Check out the Google Street View May Have Caught a Thief in Action

As security cameras become innovative and cheaper, the government should invest security cameras in public areas to ensure security especially from bandits.  The police should also have body cameras for their protection.  However, homeowners should have the prerogative to install security cameras in their homes.

Are you willing to compromise privacy over security or vice versa?

Sri Lanka to legalize gambling to boost tourism

Gambling can only attract gamblers and what’s their statistical finding on this?  Is it worth the bill? Is it worth the investment?

Gambling, especially to religious extremists is a “no no” that can even put the country in a bad light knowing that it “presents itself as a conservative society”.    If the majority will agree on this, then it’s alright.  But for having around 70% Buddhist,  I doubt it.  Unless there will be hidden agendas.  Eventually perhaps.

The country itself is already interesting to tourists because of the country’s assets: culture, natural resources & its people.  Simply nurture the assets and respect its conservative culture for a peaceful humane society.

The business of innovation: Steven Johnson

“Go for a walk; cultivate hunches; write everything down; but keep your folders messy; embrace serendipity; make generative mistakes; take on multiple hobbies, frequent coffee houses and other liquid networks; follow the links; let others build on your ideas; borrow, recycle, reinvent.”



Implanted chip ‘allows blind people to detect objects’

Implanted chip ‘allows blind people to detect objects’

What do the ancient & future people have in common?  Both can live longer for more than a century.  I can already foresee the merging of robotics and anatomy just like in sci-fi films.

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