A Tale of Two Cats by Marither

In the city of vanity, a timid black cat was happy to meet a mischievous white cat, for he has found a friend.

The black cat was scared to be alone so he followed the white cat.   When the white cat noticed that the black cat was following him, he sighed and said: “Come along black cat, as I find a place to stay for the winter”.  The black cat was thankful and said with a smile: “What a felicitous life!”

Winter came and the two homeless cats were shivering in an alley, an old woman was astounded of the white cat and said:  “Oh, pity white cat, come and be my pet”.  So the old lady carried the white cat on her way home.

When she noticed that the black cat was following them, she shooed the black cat away and said:  “Stop following us, you wicked black cat!”  But the black cat still followed them until they have reached home.

The old lady fed the white cat, and then brushed his fur.  The black cat was shivering as he watched the white cat at the window dreaming of being pampered.  But when the old lady saw the black cat, she hurriedly pushed the window.  The black cat fell that broke his right leg.  The old lady shouted: “Get lost you black omen and don’t you ever get near our house!” So the black cat ran away to the market.

One day, when the white cat was conceitedly walking while the old lady was buying fruits in the market, the white cat saw the black cat and told him: “How sad for you to be homeless with a broken leg.  Why don’t you follow us secretly, just hide as I give you food in the garden so you don’t have to roam around in this stinky place.”  The black cat was relieved and followed them back home.

One sunny morning, the white cat threw the yarn ball to his friend in the garden and told him to play around with it so he won’t get bored.  The white cat also gave him all the food that he could get from the kitchen.  The black cat was thankful.

For several days, the old lady was curious to know where the food and her yarns for stitching are. So she started to look for her yarns and screaked to see the black cat playing with a yarn ball.  The old lady got her broom and went out hurriedly.  When the black cat saw the old lady getting near him, he was scared as he ran fast with his sore leg.

The following day, in the market, the white cat saw the black cat wounded and starving.  The white cat  invited him again to be back in the garden.  The black cat was depressed and declined, he told him: “My life has been cursed.  People called me with evil names that you can’t even imagine. I was judged by my features, degraded and even wanted to be executed.”

The old lady was bursting with anger when she saw her white cat with the black cat.  She screamed: “Get that evil black cat!  It stole a lot from me!”   Then she called her white cat in a soft voice: “Come to mama my angel”.  The white cat didn’t think twice of going back to the old lady.  He told the black cat:  “I’m sorry my friend, but I have to go back home.  I know you can survive in this place.”  The black cat was disappointed, thinking that he has a found a friend who would be there when he needed it most.

The old lady told her white cat: “You shouldn’t go near that black cat, it is a witch!”  The black cat can’t do anything.  He was afflicted.  Yet, he was thankful that the old lady just left instead of hurting him.

The next day, the white cat was haunted by his conscience and went back to the market to look for his friend.  He was happy to see his friend near the trash.  As he gets near, his heart was palpitating, he felt the cold wind and found out that he has lost his friend.


Raucous by Marither

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Once there was a town of worms living underground.  One of them was Raucous, he is smart, hyperactive but stubborn.  Their Muggy place has a boundary on top, and nobody attempted to go beyond the border because all the worms were scared, for they were told by the elders that it is the “Danger Zone”.

Raucous was so curious to find out what’s up there.  So he did.  He found out that there were sharp objects when his body part was cut.  All the worms were so worried about him. They were all sad because Raucous lost his body part.  But after few days he rejuvenated.  But Raucous was still curious and stubborn.  When he had his body part back, he climbed up again, until he reached the “Danger Zone”.

After that, Raucous wasn’t able to return back home to the Muggy place, because when he reached the top of the soil, a boy stepped on him.



  1. raucous – disorderly, boisterous-lack discipline
  2. muggy – humid, warm, moist
  3. rejuvenated – regenerate, restore to an original/new condition

Gauche by Marither

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In Antarctica, the male penguins hatch their eggs, while the female penguins look for food.

One day, there was a male penguin named Gauche hatching his eggs. The mother penguin was lost while looking for food in the ocean. While Gauche was hatching, a golden penguin came. Gauche was astounded because of her color. The golden penguin helped him and gave him food for the season, then she left without a reason.

The next season, Gauche met a silver penguin. He was astonished of her color and impressed with her skill in catching fish. He was supplied with fish for the whole season, then she left without a reason.

The next season, a Gentoo penguin arrived without anything. She was so sad because she couldn’t catch a fish, for she was still a tyro. Gauche taught her how. He told her all the techniques that he learned from the golden and silver penguins. Gentoo helped Gauche the whole season, then she left without a reason.

The next season, Gauche and his family are starving to death.  The golden penguin passed by without anything and couldn’t do anything.  The silver penguin also passed by without anything and couldn’t do anything.  But the Gentoo penguin brought him fish  for the season  and did it for a good reason.

  1. gauche – awkward, tactless, clumsy
  2. hatching – shading the eggs
  3. astounded – amazed
  4. astonished – surprised, amazed
  5. gentoo – small & fast penguin

Arthropoda by Marither

In the Insecta Kingdom, there was an  organization called the Arthropoda which composed of the following groups:

  1. A group of religious praying mantises;
  2. A group of crickets – the loud, superstitious believers;
  3. A group of loyal, selfless but aggressive and impulsive termites;
  4. A group of highly sociable, skinny, vegetarian phasmids;
  5. A group of competitive, independent, strong roaches;
  6. A group of attention seeker, immature, lazy grasshoppers.

One day, the organization decided for a Presidential election. The candidates were the group leaders:. Manti for the group of praying mantises, Cricky for the crickets, Termy for the termites, Phasmy for the phasmids, Roachy for the cockroaches & Hoppy for the grasshoppers.

Each has its own platform:

  1. Manti – We only have a short life span, therefore, everyone should be religious for them to be saved;
  2. Cricky – It depends on the stars;
  3. Termy – It depends on my queen;
  4. Phasmy – Every insect will be healthy vegetarian;
  5. Roachy – It is only through competition that we’ll become strong. Therefore, there will always be competition. Whoever wins, will help me decide for our organization.
  6. Hoppy – Well, I will just hop from one group to another.

During the election…..

Termy dropped his candidacy to protect the queen. Phasmy was rushed to the hospital. Hoppy got lost from hopping. Manti was caught of cannibalism. Since there were more crickets than cockroaches, Cricky became the President, and every insect in the organization followed the stars.

Dilia by Marither

Long time ago, along the Nile river in Egypt, there was a crocodile named Dilia. One day, she met an Egyptian Plover.

Egyptian Plover: You are the most disgusting creature I’ve ever seen!
Dilia: No one has insulted me the way you did. Because of that, I’ll have you as my meal!
Egyptian Plover: How can you do that if you can’t even catch me?
Dilia: Oh yes I will! I’m bigger than you!
Egyptian Plover: Oh no, you can’t, I’m faster than you!

So Dilia chased the Egyptian Plover until she got tired and hibernated.

Egyptian Plover: See, I told you. You can never catch a fast plover especially by a heavy, slow crocodile that would hibernate after a short chase.  Oh well, what can I expect from you, you’re lazy and can’t even clean yourself.

After awhile,

Egyptian Plover: At long last you’ve awaken. Do you really have to hibernate that long?
Dilia: I’m tired of chasing at you, do insult and tease others instead.
Egyptian Plover: That’s why I like insulting and teasing you, because you can easily get insulted and would chase at me after.
Dilia: Alright then, what do you want from me?
Egyptian Plover: Well, I can help you if you want. I can make you clean so you won’t look disgusting anymore.
Dilia: Really? How?
Egyptian Plover: I’ll tell you how, but  promise me that you will never have me as your meal.
Dilia: Alright!

The Egyptian Plover  started to clean Dilia by eating the insects and parasites inside her mouth. Dilia was amazed of what the Egyptian Plover has done to her and told her friends about it.  Then, they became good friends. That’s why the crocodiles of the Nile do not consider the Egyptian Plovers as their preys.

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