Fire, Fury and Freaks

Welcome to the phase of uncertainty, where the leaders make freaking decisions that are freaking the nation with their Fire, Fury and Nuke.

As the government of North Korea puts all their resources to the nuke instead of the welfare of their citizens, all for the sake of power, threatening other nations while using their citizens as their pawns, the US government on the other hand allowed the President to provide provocative statement stirring a volatile situation freaking out the people and other nations that could possibly lead to the next world war.

The US, as a powerful nation should try to deal with North Korea diplomatically for a peaceful relationship and a peaceful nation, thus preparing the nation and protecting the people for worst scenarios.  What happened to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons?

While this is happening, there are super freaks  that are  freaking the Philippines for their War on Drugs campaign and martial law, killing a lot of innocent people without due process, without valid evidences and putting the justice on their own hands.  Seems like a Purge movie.  Well, this is real murder and these super freaks are even proud of it.

Now is the time that we need real superheroes to prevent the super freaks in making their freaking decisions a reality and to stop their freaking actions.  Now is the time that we need supernatural intervention to keep them in SANE.


Why do people fight and conquer for the country,

When in the end, the country belongs to no one?



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