If you are one of the legislators, will you oppose or support SOPA?

The battle between Lamar S. Smith’s SOPA H.R. 3261 & the internet sites is like the battle between Microsoft and Open Source.  It’s like a continuous debate on security vs. accessibility.

Before, open source has been a threat to Microsoft: “Everyone in the Linux world remembers Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s famous comment that Linux is a “cancer” that threatened Microsoft’s intellectual property.”1 “ In 2010 Microsoft is trying hard not to be public enemy No. 1 to open source proponents, in some cases by making key contributions to open source code and in other cases by making Microsoft products interoperable with open source software.”1

If this war has been solved thru interoperability, I hope that the legislators will try to find means to solve this issue without compromising the freedom of the users to use the necessary sites that will allow them to broaden their horizon as they confidently share their knowledge with others.

Internet nowadays is part of the society.  A draconian way of shutting down the internet for few days will provoke the people to unite and take radical step that could lead to unrest just like what happened last January 28, 2011 in Egypt.


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