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The City of Luxor is a modern city with fastfood chains, hotels and well constructed roads.  We went to the Valley of the Kings  with an entrance fee of 90LE.  Our Danish friend who’s into Archeology turned out to be our tour guide.  Since we were informed that the Valley of the Queens is just the same as the Valley of the Kings, we no longer went there.  If we have more time, we could have visited a lot more like the interesting  Howard Carter’s house in Theban Necropolis  that turned out to be a museum.

The Temple of Hatshepsut  costs  30LE for the entrance.  Eventhough there was a shuttle vehicle, we still took a long walk to the temple.  We passed by the Deir el-Medina, an ancient Egyptian village, then to the  Colossi of Memnon.

We also went to Karnak Temple with an entrance fee of  65LE.  Last was the Luxor Temple which costs 50LE for the entrance. I was intrigued with what our tour guide told us about the fertility God  Khem or Min engraved on the wall with lots of hand marks, it was said to give miracles to those who wanted to have a child.  A couple from Romania were teasing me to touch it, but how could you touch such thing? LOL The guards of the temple were very helpful to show me where to get a great shot.  They even showed me the open air museum at the back of the temple and guided me where to take a good panoramic view of the temple.  These people deserve a tip, but they didn’t accept the money that I was insisting to give them as a sign of gratitude.  Observing the sunset in Luxor Temple was entrancing, I felt so blessed. 🙂

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