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Edfu is where the cruise docked first.  It is where the famous Temple of Edfu/Horus is located.

From the west bank where the cruise docked to the temple of edfu/horus will require a horse-drawn carriage with calash  (which was the only means of public transportion going to the temple), it costs 30LE, for 2 or 3 passengers, back and forth (the driver would wait for almost an hour), but there were drivers who tried to harass me and other foreigners by asking for more or tips which is the usual problem of the tourists.

Edfu city is developing that it already has new buildings, but there are still areas where you would feel like living in an ancient time.   I hope that the government could preserve Edfu’s ancient ambience.

On our way to the temple, I noticed an unusual cemetery.   I asked if I could take pictures: “Momkin photo, min fad lak?” So they allowed me to get inside and take some shots for few minutes.  In fairness, there are Nubians who are helpful and kind, not all of them will try to harass the tourists.

We were discouraged to go during the summer because of the hot weather, but I was surprised when there were a lot of tourists even during the low season.  We were with the group of friendly tourists from Spain & Mexico.  The entrance fee of 50LE which is about $10 was excluded in the tour package. With well preserved and vivid hieroglyphics, ancient statues & astounding temple, Edfu will surely never run out of tourist.


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