Unrest in Egypt

Friday,  January 28, 2011 marked the start of the massive protest in Cairo, Suez and Alexandria against the president.  It’s also the start where the phone lines and internet connection were blocked off; Looters destroyed properties; Shops started to close; Curfew was implemented; Civilians prepared themselves from looters and more people were provoked to protest.

Can the media having a strong influence to people worsen the problem?  Was it a wrong move by the government to obstruct the phone lines and internet connection? If you are the president, will you do the same?

The protesters were complaining of the country’s economic crisis, corruption, unemployment, not having the freedom of speech, controlled election & tyranny.   But are these accusations true?  If so, then those people involved should be put in trial.   If not, who are we to judge?  Anyway, there are laws that protect mankind: Civil Law, Canon/Islamic Law and the Law of Karma.

I don’t understand why blame it on the government alone.   Why not see it in a wider perspective?  The Mubarak’s regime has been stable and has established good relationship with Israel, US and other countries for years.  The cost of local goods has been controlled.  The government has subsidized the pharmaceutical products and other basic goods for the benefit of the masses.

However, we can’t blame those who overlooked these important facts and focused more on the controversies and issues behind the regime.  “For any flaws which inevitably appear can easily be seen. ”


February 2, 2011, Wednesday, we were informed of the internet connection, a lot of shops were opened.  Thought everything will be back to normal until the news on Egyptian supporters who went to Tahrir Square.  Demands continued to vociferate.  The clash between rivals started.

I admire the respect of President Obama towards the Egyptian regime.  The protest served as a wake up call not only on the current regime but for everyone.   The demands have been heard.  I think President Mubarak learned a lot and will surely step down but not until everything is settled in order.  I hope that the protesters and supporters will allow the smooth transition and armistice, than allow an abrupt change and turmoil.


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