Being stranded along the highway under the heat of the sun is such a terrible experience.  By just looking at the exhausting faces of the people around you is already stressful.   But will whining, anger and fear help?

I remember the theory of being proactive from the “7 Habits”, and tried to apply to control being reactive as an initial reaction.    Being proactive requires self discipline which takes enough time to think before deciding on what to say & do.  Since we are social beings, it’s important for us to control our actions and words, especially if you think fast and aggressive to express yourself.  It’s really hard whenever there are a lot of do’s and don’t and still have to weigh the pros & cons, when you can no longer be yourself.    But if being proactive produces desirable results then it’s worth the challenge.

So how did being proactive save the day?

  1. By knowing the people around us and learning from them.
  2. By not entertaining the thought of being thirsty,  boredom & exhaustion.
  3. By motivating myself that if other people can even fast for hours and can be tolerant of psychological stress, then I can do it as well.
  4. By meditating and thinking positively.

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