RE: Php 43 billion needed to add 2 years in basic education

RE: Php 43 billion needed to add 2 years in basic education in the Philippines.

The education system in public schools especially in the third world countries has been a problem for years.  Adding 2 more years in basic education is not the solution to the problem but it would make the problem worst. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  1. Corruption is rampant, and the citizens are no longer confident that the money really goes to the people.
  2. If there’s a problem of producing graduates, then by adding 2 more years will lengthen the burden of the parents especially to those who are expecting for their children to graduate early to get a job and help them financially.  The curriculum developers of the country could brainstorm and create comprehensive curricula and schedule to meet the international standard.  Subject integration is essential to master the required and pertinent information as it saves time & effort.
  3. The 43 billion can be very useful to improve the education system of the country and solve the pending issues and problems like: classroom shortage, low wage for teachers, lack of resources, lack of training for teachers & staff, lack of concern in serving healthy and clean food to students and staff in the canteen, lack of concern in improving the facilities and maintaining the cleanliness & orderliness in the classrooms and the whole school to make it more conducive for learning.

The government officials have the power to earn more, so no need to take the budget allocated for the country for personal purposes. They have the power to organize groups and social networks to create more funds. They have the power to use the elite groups to help the less fortunate. They have the power to use the human resources to work for the country.  They have the power to control over the natural resources and the power to represent the country as ambassadors to connect to the world to market the country’s products and seek for sponsors and investors for a more productive and profitable country.


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