What are the Probable Causes of the Massive Flooding in Metro Manila?

“Hell has no fire.. it has water.. lots n lots of water.. ~ Vijay Deloso ~

It was last Saturday, September 26, 2009, when the typhoon “Ondoy have hit Metro Manila that have caused massive flood”, destroyed properties & killed more than 100 people.

The government was asking for help from the citizens.  Good thing, there are NGOs  & the media who have enough resources & funds, and are using their power to help.   Since the election is fast approaching, this is a good  opportunity for the candidates to promote themselves.  I hope that the people will not take advantage of the calamity by:

* using the money for their own personal benefit,
* getting the goods and sell them in a much higher cost,
* using it as a marketing strategy to  promote themselves, but will help to show how they appreciate how blessed they are that they are still alive.

What are the probable causes of the massive flooding in Metro Manila?

1. Was it because, the “Filipinos are sinners” as what Jacque Bermejo have stated that, “maybe so many sinners back der! so yeah deserving what happened!”, as she denied her statement and blamed the hacker?
2. Could it be the poor drainage system?
3. Poor waste disposal management system?
4. Shall we blame Bayani Fernando as he shouldered the blame to himself as the one “responsible of enhancing the Metro Manila’s flood control system”?
5. Shall we blame the government officials?
6. Or each one of us for:

* Contributing to air & water pollution, and tolerating others for not managing their disposals;
* Being ignorant of the law, community & government system we are part of;
* Not using our rights as citizens to be responsible for the community and country we live in;
* Letting  & allowing the government to control our community & country without checking their plans and how they implement it, that’s why corruption is rampant?

We as citizens should be aware that the government officials work to serve their countrymen & country and not the other way around.  They should not forget that the people have elected them with full confidence and trust, will use their authority & power to guide and help the less fortunate, illiterate & the elite (so they can help more  people), make just decisions and create more improvements & innovations for the benefit of their countrymen.








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