H1N1 Paranoia

Due to pandemic flu, it made me more meticulous to the extent that I would clean other rooms, use anti-bac to disinfect, doesn’t get contented on how others would clean and wash the dishes, would feel safe for the day if I’ll drink yogurt, juices or take multivitamins because it boost up my immune system, and would even go to the comfort room often just to wash hands every time I have touched something dirty.

It’s quite distracting.  I’m trying to control this behavior as much as I can by diverting to a more productive work and trying to focus on more important things.  But, it’s inevitable and it’s really disturbing.  People around me even get annoyed with this behavior, especially when I often remind them to wash their hands or put alcohol.

OMG!  Are these the signs of OCD?  H1N1 may not hit us but could lead us to OCD.  Hope it’s just a common reaction to take precautionary measures against pandemic flu.


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