Is there really a curse behind a womanizer dad?

With beauty, power & brain my friend still can’t find the right man for her.  A woman like her doesn’t need a man.  She has all the qualities that a woman would admire and a man would like to keep.   Thus, destiny have led her to the wrong men even if she was surrounded by good guys.

“Why does my heart insist on those who doesn’t deserve  it?  Why can’t I just give it to those who deserve it? How come even if I’ve known him for a long time, still we fail?  How come even if I almost have everything, yet I still feel empty? Why do I always end up with a womanizer?   How could they fool someone like me?  Is there a curse behind, since my dad was a womanizer? Do the daughters have to pay for the mistakes of their dads?   How come I kept on repeating the same mistakes by choosing the wrong guys?”   These are the questions that’s bothering her that made me feel bad as well.

It’s normal to seek for a companion.  It’s natural to be with someone whom you desire.  But we have to make a standard in choosing for someone who deserves to be loved before we invest time, effort & feelings or it will result to anguish, disappointments and even paranoia.  Building a strong foundation is a must in every relationship which composed of trust, respect and love.  I wonder how others can still live with someone by lacking any of those 3, yet they end up destroying and hurting the other.

We make our own destiny based on our choices and decisions. As what King Arthur said that, “There is no destiny.  There is only free will.”  As what Bor said, “I am a free man!  I will choose my own fate!”  For “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henly

We fail because we ” let things happen, instead of making things happen”.  We can never be free and it will just destroy us if we’ll just keep on doing the same mistakes and allow the other to keep on doing the same.  We have to learn to let go and move on. Yes, it’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do.  That’s why it’s a challenge for us to make decisive steps & just decisions to do the right thing that would be best for us.


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  1. nemeq
    May 03, 2012 @ 05:52:48

    and what is to say about the womanizer mom who happens to have multiple children with mutiple fathers…. my fam for instance….
    and yet my father has never been faithfull too…

    does that run in the family?

    how often do the mom’s inactions and re-actions play on her children?

    that is one of the reasons why I have never wanted to be a parent.

    the reason’s being that my parents were selft destructive, abusive toward each other, had past histories of family abuse; both mental and physical, and sexual.

    does that stop me from loving them? no, it does not. But it does give me every reason to be wary of my mom’s family; they knew of her sexual assult.

    how do I trust my family members? Especially when my mom made it clear that my dad’s brother could only sleep in the livingroom, and had every one of us sleep in my parents room; with 2 bedrooms empty. Everyone else in the fam didn’t have those conditions when staying in my parents house.
    She was protecting us. is that so bad that both family members are shitheads, abusers, child molesters? and who is protecting who?
    is my dad protecting his brother? my fathers family has a very strong protective thought.

    I grew up in a maternal family. they never harmed me. my mom wouldn’t allow it.

    my uncle was put in jail because of his lifestyle, and his turn ons. my grandfather hit my uncle with a broom, and beat him for what he did to his sisters.
    just exactly, what is learned, and what is trained?

    if you reply, please put my native name in the subject line


      May 04, 2012 @ 08:50:37

      Nemeq, I’ve been contemplating on how I should respond to your message and even sought help. Thank you for being open and reaching out. I would like to help but I am not the right and qualified person, nor professional enough to help you deal with your personal problems. What I can only do is to pray for you. I hope everything will be alright. All the best. 🙂


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