If you’re a sales lady, and there are two men entered the shop, one of them is well dressed  like Bernard Madoff, while the other is just a nerdy ordinary person in shirt and jeans, who among them will you entertain and accommodate first?

We often judge, admire and get attracted to people based on the physical assets and attributes, not even knowing where they come from, and the history behind their wealth.

The article about Bernard Madoff will somehow enlighten us.

  • To treat people equally;
  • Not to use the first impression in judging people;
  • That some might have big dreams, too big that they become greedy just to achieve it;
  • That we don’t get contented of what we have and take for granted of the resources that we already have;
  • That if we’ll make a risk, it should be a calculated risk;
  • To be aware of  a con man.

A confidence man or a con man is a person who exploits the confidence of his victim, they are the people who shows off to gain your trust and confidence and will simply leave you, ignore you or hide once he has gained something from you.

Some of their characteristics are as follows:

  • They  use their strong personality to cover up their weaknesses;
  • They use their wealth and charm to hide behind their flaws;
  • They will try to prove that they are worthy of your trust through strong words and exaggerated actions and gestures;
  • They are more of words than actions or they talk much than doing it;
  • They have lots of excuses not to implement what they have promised.

Regrets are always in the end, once we have realized what we have lost.  A form of lost could be something:  monetary, material, time, effort, confidence, emotional investment or trust.

We have control over ourselves and should be responsible for our actions.  Therefore, we shouldn’t blame anyone for our misfortunes and heartaches, but,  accept that we are the main  cause of the effects that happened in our lives.  Without acceptance, it would be difficult for us to learn from it and move on.   Instead, we’ll be stuck on blaming anyone over and over again that could even lead to insanity.

Somehow I admire Bernard for being strong to accept the consequences of his actions instead of committing suicide.  It’s inevitable to commit mistakes in the process of achieving and implementing something, there are even a lot of distractions and temptations along the way.  Thus, the important thing is, we have learned a lot that will help us improve to be stronger, smarter and better individuals before we finish the game called LIFE.  🙂


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