The Bargain and Freebie Addict

I like to shop in Divisoria, a place where you can buy cheap products direct from the manufacturers and distributors. After knowing the cost of products in this place, you would have a comparative analysis of it and will think twice before buying in retail stores.

Since I love to market and go window shopping, I get aware and remember the cost.  The cheaper the cost, the higher the probability that I would purchase the product. I hate it when I still have to ask for the price, that’s why I admire the person who discovered the use of “tag price”.

Bargaining is an art where you’ll see the beauty of negotiation. It’s like a barter system, where it’s not just monetary but the product becomes valuable because of the negotiation process/experience.

Was it being an entrepreneur a factor that can make someone become a “Cost Analyst”? Is that normal for being an entrepreneur or I have imbibed the spirit of a bargain addict?  I seem to have the symptoms that are  distracting every time I buy a certain product.

What are the disadvantages of being a Bargain Addict?

  • It takes time and effort;
  • You become an impulsive buyer, especially if your target product is on sale;
  • You still have to sacrifice and endure for not buying the product as you wait for the sale or discount.

What are the advantages of being a Bargain Addict?

  • You become cost conscious than brand conscious -You prefer the cheapest but with the same quality and style;
  • You become a trendsetter, resourceful and innovative;
  • You can be a tourist guide in the malls;
  • You can even have a website or shop where you can sell the cheapest products based from your cost analysis in different shops;
  • Your negotiating skill will be developed;
  • You become analytic with the product and would analyze as you justify the reason behind the cost.

A bargain addict is an awkward word that gives a negative connotation and image to a person because it’s interrelated with the word cheap.

Nevertheless, it can make a person become independent and confident as he/she evolves in the trading industry.


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