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Living a healthy lifestyle is a necessity.  Eating the right food helps fuel the brain and the body to perform well.  Therefore, knowing the right food to eat is essential.

It was stated in Genesis 1:29:  God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”    It was also stated in the bible that God had given men full dominion over the  animals.  It was not stated that men should have animals for food but to have full dominion over it.  If this is so, why eat the animals instead of taking good care of them? No wonder there are illnesses from eating animals. 

Based on a theological perspective, if humans were made under the image of God that have full dominion over all the creatures of the earth, why do humans have to slaughter animals for food?  If we were given the privilege and full authority over the animals, why hurt and even have them as food, instead of taking good care of them?

The most difficult thing to do is to control ourselves from what we are used to do.   But if it is for the better then it’s worth the sacrifice.  Therefore,  I’ll try to be vegetarian.   But since I’ve been used of eating meat, I will try to control it or will still eat in moderation, until such time that I can already fully control not to eat any form of meat.

The summary of information below are based on my readings and researches outlined for better understanding.  Hope you can learn something from it.


“Body is always in need of being moved and stretched gently, just as the mind is always in need of rest and the spirit in need of inspiration”

Importance of Breathing

*In yoga, relaxation is an art, breathing is the science.

* our body removes 70% by breathing, 20% through skin, 7% through urine, 3% through bowel.

* We breathe approximately 23,000 times a day. We don’t think about breathing properly. Yoga brings our attention to proper breathing.

* Oxygen is fuel for our body. Our body renews itself 12 times a year through oxygen (or prana energy in yoga), not through food. Most of us use only 1/6 of our lung capacity, which causes us to become tired.

* Our brain needs 3 times more oxygen than the rest of our body. Oxygen breaks down food molecules and convert them into energy.

* Inadequate oxygen speeds aging.

* All organs suffer without proper oxygen.

* Lack of oxygen can cause tension, sleeplessness, constipation, nervous headaches, heart conditions & mental disabilities. We can literally, breathe away ills, tensions, fatigue if we breathe properly.

* Proper breathing is the doorway to meditation. “Inhale by expanding the stomach and exhale as the abdomen deflates, air pass upward through the body and out of the nostrils. The intake of oxygen (prana energy) should not be limited to just the nostrils. The energy should continue to the larynx and to the windpipe, subdivide at the bronchial tubes, and subdivide again at the air sacs.”

Physiological benefits of yoga

· Sleep pattern is improved.

· Yoga normalizes weight.

· Energy levels increase

· Immunity increases

· Pulse rate decreases

· Blood pressure decreases Psychological benefits of yoga

· Concentration is improved

· Attention focus is improved

· Memory is enhanced

· Mood swings get stable

· Social skills improve

· Poise and steadiness grow


· In the beginning, people didn’t eat meat until the flood came. Then, they began to eat meat in order to sustain themselves. Later, they forgot to give it up again, and from that point on, we just didn’t live 9 hundred years like Methuselah. Although we may not be interested in living 9 hundred years, we still want the years we do live to be healthy, so we can enjoy life.

· American Medical Association has also begun to consider the dangers of meat consumption. Hardening of the arteries, heart ailments, cancer, and other diseases have been linked to eating meat, esp red meat, which contains uric acid. Cell destruction is due to high blood acidity caused by an excess of acid forming animal protein.

· When animals are led to the slaughter house you can see the panic & fear in their eyes. This intense fear causes a great deal of toxins, including uric acid, to flow into their system. Regardless of how much the meat is cleansed, this uric acid cannot be taken out of the animals.

·Our livers and kidneys can extract only 6 grams of uric acid a day; the rest remains as poison in our system. A pound of liver contains of 19 grams of uric acid, while a pound of beef steak contains 14. Since our liver and kidneys can only clear out 6 grams, the rest turns out headaches, nervousness, hardening of the arteries, heart attack and cancer.

· White blood cells always increase after a meat meal because these cells are fighting the toxemia cause by eating meat. In some people, the white blood cells don’t stop producing, which is the cause of leukemia. Schizophrenia can also result from protein toxemia.

· Digestion itself is work for the body. So food that is easier to digest makes it easier for our bodies to recover.

· Our bodies use sleep for repair, so the less toxins we ingest, less damage we do to ourselves, and the need for sleep decreases.

· Strongest animals like the ox, elephant, horse are vegetarians.

· Protein is very important, but we don’t need as much as we were taught. Our body needs pure proteins from 9 almonds a day, soy beans, etc and not putrefied protein from meat.

“Why do we dream of a heaven in some future time when it is here now this moment? It is now, if we open ourselves to the melodious sound of raindrops on an upturned bucket, to wind chimes echoing angels’ voices, to the hushed hum of waves rolling in.”

“Is it necessary to go down on bended knee in some practiced ritual to be in awe of life? The unpracticed, the ever-new spirit that fills our hearts, is far more sincere, more appreciative, and more loving. The happiness of life comes in the spontaneous movement to life grasped wholly. We can throw our heads back and laugh out loud for we will have understood that life is a celebration!”

“ The unheralded happiness before us is reason enough to pay attention to each moment just as it is and to be grateful for each moment just as it is! Our lives should be like a flowering, moment to moment, moving from the unseeing sleeping consciousness to a full awakening. Life is counted in, not copping out. It is turning on, not away. It is reaching out and looking in. Life is wholly ours when we see it wholly. It is holy as it is! Surely, life is now and all now, or it is never.”



Book – Yoga for Real People by Jan Baker


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