Public Schools for Politicians


Published last  July 31, 2007


If there are 13.25 million students in the elementary, 1.43 million students in high school,   42,722 public schools in the country, with 16,390 teachers and 6,406 classrooms,  how many students are there in a classroom?

Obviously, there are no enough classrooms for the students.  No wonder we see them on TV having their classes outside the classroom or under the trees.  This shows how poor the government education system is in the country.

In my personal viewpoint, it will be better if there will be a law enforcing the politicians to send their children & grandchildren to public schools.  Instead of spending too much for an international school and sending them to France just to learn how to speak French, better spend their money in public schools here in the country.  For sure if that will happen, comfort rooms will always be clean, classrooms will always be conducive for learning, teachers will be trained to be more effective & efficient, there will be enough resources to provide the best quality of education not only for their kids but for the unfortunate Filipino kids as well.

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  1. jdalley
    Jun 15, 2009 @ 20:43:11

    Just get the government OUT of education and our education system will be much better.


    • maritheranastacio
      Jun 16, 2009 @ 04:21:50

      Thanks for your comment. You have a point. The only way to eradicate corruption is to prevent them from being involved. Though, another alternative way is to send their kids in public schools and let them learn to value education & public service, as well as to realize what they are doing.



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