What bills will I make and persuade if I’m a lobbyist?

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First published last February 24, 2009


The Philippines is very rich in Human and Natural Resources. Problem is, there are lots of hands, but they just use it to ask for alms. There are lots of brains, but they prefer to fill their empty stomach first. There are lots of hearts, but became numb.

If only the government will use their power and the resources wisely, then, they could somehow contribute for the improvement of the economic status of our country.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but based on my resources, a councilor has a budget of 20 million for his/her projects.  If these counselors have that big budget, what more to those in higher ranks?  It’s quite disappointing whenever they have projects like feeding program, porridge program, slippers program, or the like.  Those programs can already be done by the private sectors or other organizations.  Instead of spending millions for these type of programs, why can’t they just organize a certain long term program that will be beneficial to the majority and to the economic state of the country, like: having shelter foundations in certain areas near the public schools, so the kids can be sent to school and be of help to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of their environment.

With this, beggars will be lessened, streets will be safe, clean and in order. For the shelter foundation, the homeless would be trained to improve their creative and technical skills like: plumbing, repair, cooking, cleaning, clerical, agriculture, etc. Once they are equipped with the skills for 2-3 years, they can already work in any government agencies, provided that the government would provide them for sustainable living and support for the improvement of the shelter foundations. In this way,  they could improve the shelter foundations, provide food, basic necessities and education to those who are really needy and deserving.

Help the people to be stable and independent not to be the burden and parasites of the community. Don’t just feed them, educate them and give them jobs that will be beneficial  for both ends (for the people and the government) for a total educational, fruitful and humane society. For education eradicates poverty.

On RA9262: To protect women and children, and to abolish beggars and vendors along the streets. Girls should not be allowed to ask for alms along the streets nor sell sampaguitas at night. Once caught, they should be brought to any shelter foundations supported by the government.

The government should sponsor their education in public schools and trainings to develop their skills, so they could use it to improve themselves and contribute to the society, provided that they will work for the government (like clerical, accounting, agricultural, janitorial services, etc.) for certain number of years like 2-4 years until they become fully stable and equipped with the skills to survive on their own. Women are delicate and dangerous to be on the streets especially at night. I even saw a lot of pretty girls asking for alms and selling sampaguitas very late at night.

If only I have the power and resources, I would take them with me because giving them money would just tolerate them to stay the same. It really hurts to see how they are destroying themselves, tolerating men and opportunists to harass them. It will be inevitable for them to get harassed, raped or even be forced to prostitution and slavery.

The best way to protect women and children is to prevent them from being with unworthy men and opportunists, who would use and abuse these women and children for slavery and prostitution or any forced labor that would destroy their future.

For the politicians, I will make a bill that would enforce every politician to take the following courses before they run for a certain position, like:  Public Administration, Urban Planning, Jurisprudence and Total Quality Management.   Just like an applicant in an organization, an applicant can only be qualified based on educational background and work experiences.   Once hired, continuous training to improve the employees’ knowledge, skills and self-esteem are provided by the organization.

Therefore, every politician should be well educated or at least be equipped with the essential knowledge that would help achieve his/her platforms that would be beneficial not only to improve the present economic status but also for the benefit of the future generation, including the preservation and improvement of the flora and fauna.

Why do politicians need to take the following courses?

  1. Public Administration – To create and implement clear and justifiable policies that would be beneficial to every living creature in the community.
  2. Urban Planning – To carefully plan and construct infrastructure and establishments without compromising the health  and economic welfare of every resident.
  3. Jurisprudence – To know the law and use it to protect the rights of every citizen in their jurisdiction and not to protect themselves from their wicked intentions.
  4. Total Quality Management – To know the total quality standards, to learn its implementation in different organizations, to use the right standard appropriate to the people concern and to implement successfully according to time frame.


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