Interoperability, for the Improvement of Open Source in Developing Countries

Let’s face it! With the economy that we have, there are companies, not only here in the Philippines that will find alternative means to get ALMOST the same quality but in a cheaper cost for their IT Infrastructure and other acquisitions.

Competition leads to innovation in achieving total quality and excellence. That’s why the companies inevitably fear of losing their clients/customers due to competitors’ greed and survival.

Why is piracy rampant, especially in developing countries? It’s not just an “act of rebellion” against the system they are in, but it’s a result of greed. To others, especially those who are stingy, the best way to feel the innovative change in the technology is through acquiring a cheaper one even if the quality has been compromised, even if it’s pirated and unlawful.

When competitors get threatened, they put down the competitors established reputation.  But why when a harmonious relationship can be built?  Like interoperability -is the ability of a system to work with or use the parts or equipment of another system. A good example is an emulator – hardware or software that permits programs written for one computer to be run on another computer. Since this is not full blown yet. I hope this (interoperability and open source) will be given consideration, or much better be given priority by the government for the IT industry. A lot of companies, especially in developing countries will benefit from it. If open source will be developed according to the requirements of the community schools and small-medium enterprises, then, they can save a lot for the improvement in other aspects and attain desired literacy to be globally competitive.

By the way, what happened to the geeks and other professionals of our country, when there are a lot of requirements in the country needed from small to big companies/organizations for improvement and innovation, and yet they are employees of the foreigners in the foreign lands, working hard and paying taxes for the improvement of the foreign companies in foreign countries, instead of developing what should be developed for the improvement of the economy of their own country?

Well, we can’t blame them because “we own the world and not just our country”.   “The world becomes smaller”.  Therefore, we have the right to live in other countries for the earth itself is our home. But it would be better if they could somehow contribute to the improvement of our economy and not just abandon their native land and totally migrate elsewhere and forget where they came from. Perhaps the question to reflect on “Is our country still worth saving for?”

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