Beyond the Inquisitive Mind

I’m back to the Primitive Age, in the process of creating my own identity, discovering new facts to develop new means for survival. My dependencies on limited resources were taken away. Nothing left but my whole being, lost in the dark, finding means to produce light to guide me through the night.

Somebody discovered how to produce fire from friction, I was amazed. When I learned how to do it, I realized that nothing is impossible. That you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Well then, if that somebody can do it, I can do it too, if not, BETTER!

I was thankful when somebody helped me plant seeds, but failed to teach me how it could grow and bear fruits to help me live. I expected for it to grow, but it died. It took me time to realize that I should no longer depend on someone, that I myself should learn from my own discovery, so I’ll have no one to blame.

My mind becomes more creative and resourceful than ever. “If a rich kid gets bored with the toys that he can easily get. Well, a poor kid invents his own toys.” I’m starting to create my toys, in my own ways. It may not be as perfect as what the rich kids have, but it is something that I can be proud of,  that in my own creative ways, I was able to concretize what was on my mind. The other kids may not appreciate it, but some may find it useful, from there, it will be innovated, until it will become something that is worth creating.


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