Largest Manmade Holes


First published last March 4, 2009


With regards to the Largest Manmade Holes,  I can’t help but put a comment regarding the pictures. Those are not amazing but alarming! Others may find it alright because we constantly need minerals in our highly demanding technologically innovative world, plus our attraction to luxury which are interdependent with gems, crystals, stones, etc.

It’s so sad because I’m also guilty about it and yet I don’t have the power to control, nor stop it. I hope that more people will realize that having lots of holes due to mining can destroy the natural beauty of our planet. If only the highly intellectual brains would unite and help solve the problem instead of creating and inventing innovative devices that adds junk that does not only destroy the beauty of the earth but the future of its people as well.

Our inquisitive mind always seeks for something to be discovered. Once discovered, we get dependent with it. Once we become dependent with it, we justify its importance to us but blinded to see the distraction it can cause and tolerates it, until we realize our faults when it’s too late. Now, I admire the Amish, we may see them as technologically impaired.  At least, they have contributed on saving the future the earth and mankind.


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