Standardizing the Computer Curriculum

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This morning, we discussed about the computer as a subject that is part of the curriculum standardized by the department of education. I just wonder why should this be part of the curriculum if the government can’t provide enough support for the improvement of the learning facilities in both private and public schools? Isn’t it a waste of time teaching the theories in computer without application because the school doesn’t have enough budget to provide for computers in the laboratory?

There are schools that have computer subject, they even collect computer fees.  However, they don’t have computers for hands-on, the teachers were not even computer literate, worst they give projects that require the use of computer. I wonder why they still have to collect certain amount for computer fee, when there’s no computer to be used in school? Why not abolish the subject instead if the school doesn’t have a budget or can’t find means to provide for facilities and resources? Or why can’t they just increase the computer fee, just to make sure that the subject will remain?

If the computer subject is standardized by the Department of Education, therefore, schools should ensure the implementation of it and assure the best quality of education for their clients(students). That’s why it will be better if Mr. Jesli Lapus would evaluate it, and if there’s a need for computer hardware or software, better inform me so I can make a proposal suited to their budget.  ;-)

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  1. orjin romatizma kremi
    May 24, 2011 @ 15:26:43

    Very nice Thank you very much an issue I follow.


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