On Executive Clemency



First published last October 9, 2008


On Executive Clemency:

I don’t see any unjust decisions.   I’m against death penalty because only God has the right to take our lives.  Every person has the right to change and live.  Punishment shouldn’t take a lifetime.  If that’s the case, then the soldiers shouldn’t be allowed to kill as well.

If I’m the president, I’ll do the same.  I’ll use my power to have the prisoners work for community service so the government can earn from them as well.  Punishment should be to enlighten and not to destroy the person.  Punishment should not be to deprive nor suffer a person for a lifetime but to also discover the beauty of the goodness within.

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  1. quadragesimo
    Jun 17, 2009 @ 05:41:48

    I admire your compassion. But in a country where laws are not properly enforced, it would be far worse to grant executive clemency to prisoners just because they are convicted criminals who belong to influential families or are political allies of the administration. In a progressive country unlike ours, there is such a concept called crime and punishment. Note that these two are inseparable. If the power of the president to grant executive clemency is not properly exercised, as what she is doing now, then surely this government is sending wrong signals to the youth. Know that punishments are primarily designed to serve as deterent to commit crimes and secondary only is it designed for reformation. Executive clemency abused or poorly exercised is equal to denial of justice.


    • maritheranastacio
      Jun 17, 2009 @ 16:46:13

      Thanks for your comment. Are you expressing your ideas in behalf of the youth coz you’re one of them or coz you’re 1 of their parents? You seem to be one of the activists against the administration. I understand how you feel.

      With regards to human rights, for me, I just totally disagree with death penalty and life sentenced punishment. Even they are the worst creatures, I know there’s still something good in them. They chose to be in the dark, it’s because they have never seen the light. They are the weakest, poorest and the hopeless people in the society for they no longer have good dreams. Therefore, they deserve to feel the beauty of life to make them realize that they are part of it as they learn to value life for a humane society, that could make them smile somehow before they die.

      I speak as an educator who have felt what Catherine Deane felt towards Carl Rudolph Stargher in the movie The Cell.


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