February 17, 2009


Berry was our adorable poodle with blue eyes. His stunning eyes will surely amaze you. Imagine a black poodle with blue eyes.   He became part of our family when my brother-in-law’s friend had given him to us few months ago. He has to stay with my sister for the meantime to be trained well before he could transfer at home. He was  so playful. Though he still pee on the floor, yet he was already trained to putty in the toilet.

My sister told us that when she brought him in the grocery, people thought he was a stuff toy and was surprised when he barked & moved. It was last February 10, 2009, when my sister called and was crying. She told us that Berry was rushed to the vet clinic because he was traumatized by their other dog Nera (1/2 doberman + 1/2 rottweiler) when Nera bit him on the neck.  Berry was annoying & playing with Nera while she was eating. Perhaps, Nera was jealous of him because  he was always given special attention or was really annoyed of him. When Nera was aware that he accidentally bitten Berry, she hid.

He was under observation for several hours when the doctor called and told my sister that he had nervous breakdown.   The cause was not the wound on his neck but the nerves from the traumatic incident that he couldn’t handle. We decided to have him buried at the back of the chapel.

It was just last Friday, in Duty Free, while my son was putting in the cart a lot of stuff for Berry, my sister told him that we don’t need to buy those stuff anymore because Berry passed away already. My son couldn’t believe it and cried. It’s really hard to lose someone special. Perhaps, if it happened to Prixie (our loyal 1/2 Japanese Spitz & 1/2 Pomeran pet for almost 9 years which was given by my sister’s bf for almost 10 yrs) it will surely be more painful because we’re used of being with her.

Even if Berry will be replaced, he will always be our playful, adorable Berry and will always be in our hearts. May you rest in peace with all the good animals in heaven.


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